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Character Database
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Regular Characters Of Kuthernburg
King Rico 2 74
Feb 4 2018, 06:36:42 PM
Last Post By: King Rico
Poll Poll: Characters of Stratarin
Strat 11 1,342
Jan 31 2018, 01:35:22 PM
Last Post By: Strat
Regular Characters Of Nacata
King Rico 0 26
Jan 21 2018, 08:40:12 PM
Last Post By: King Rico
Regular Famous Figures of Furnifold
Used Characters- WIP
Furnifold 0 62
Jan 21 2018, 07:48:20 PM
Last Post By: Furnifold
Regular Characters of the MBE (UK and territories)
Dylan 1 85
Jan 12 2018, 06:08:49 AM
Last Post By: Dylan
Regular Character Database of the Hamanian Empire
The Oan Isles 0 50
Jan 6 2018, 07:08:01 AM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Regular Characters of Asendavia
2nd Edition
Asendavia 0 152
Jun 29 2017, 10:10:37 AM
Last Post By: Asendavia
Regular Characters of Mexregiona
4th Edition
Mex 2 392
May 30 2017, 07:31:30 PM
Last Post By: Mex
Regular The New Tretridian Character Database
Tretrid 0 164
May 20 2017, 11:16:30 PM
Last Post By: Tretrid
Hot Topic Citizens of Emberwood Coast
RP Characters
Ember 4 561
Apr 21 2017, 12:05:56 PM
Last Post By: Ember
Hot Topic People of the Oan Isles
The Oan Isles 4 497
Mar 27 2017, 10:57:06 PM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Regular Characters of Atlae
I really should have started this earlier
Atlae 0 182
Mar 11 2017, 10:13:14 PM
Last Post By: Atlae
Regular Characters of Setzna
Kashinko 1 269
Mar 11 2017, 01:09:32 AM
Last Post By: Kashinko
Regular Characters of Adumara
Adumara 0 165
Feb 25 2017, 03:45:57 PM
Last Post By: Adumara
Regular Kostuv Characters
Kostuv includes Tuvaltastan, Kostromastan, Baykalia, and Tivot
Tuva 0 172
Jan 18 2017, 01:16:11 AM
Last Post By: Tuva
Regular Characters from The Grand Duchy of Dragonia
Dragonia 0 215
Dec 26 2016, 08:16:10 AM
Last Post By: Dragonia
Regular Characters of the Commerce Federation
Heads of state and political system
CommerceFederation 0 211
Dec 25 2016, 09:36:14 PM
Last Post By: CommerceFederation
Regular Characters of Suevissia
Trav 0 297
Nov 21 2016, 07:06:24 PM
Last Post By: Trav
Regular Characters of Fortuna
work in progress
Fortuna 2 392
Nov 8 2016, 06:47:23 PM
Last Post By: Fortuna
Regular Characters of Tretrid
Tretrid 0 311
Nov 5 2016, 12:29:19 AM
Last Post By: Tretrid
Regular Characters of Respublika Bielarus
Respublika Bielarus 0 271
Sep 5 2016, 10:00:48 PM
Last Post By: Respublika Bielarus
Regular Characters of East Malaysia
East Malaysia 0 311
Jul 19 2016, 04:24:54 PM
Last Post By: East Malaysia
Regular (In)complete list of characters from Vekaiyu and Listonia
Todd McCloud 0 404
Sep 26 2015, 10:27:37 PM
Last Post By: Todd McCloud
Regular Estavokian Characters
Estavokia 0 662
May 23 2015, 04:54:37 AM
Last Post By: Estavokia
Regular Uruki
worldleader 0 348
Mar 24 2015, 02:43:51 PM
Last Post By: worldleader
Regular Characters of the Curupiri
Miss_Val 0 994
Nov 17 2014, 11:18:19 PM
Last Post By: Miss_Val
Regular Hunsha Intelligence Database
Tardis218 0 434
Aug 30 2014, 09:33:30 PM
Last Post By: Tardis218
Regular Free Pacific States, Lyon, Xiopothos Characters
Free Pacific States 0 504
Jul 12 2014, 07:43:24 PM
Last Post By: Free Pacific States
Regular Major Public Figures in Gollifray
Soalric 0 371
Jun 2 2014, 12:36:57 AM
Last Post By: Soalric
Regular Xoriet: Index of Characters
Xoriet 0 406
May 22 2014, 07:54:35 PM
Last Post By: Xoriet
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