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Out of Character Discussion

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Q & A Threads
For the convenient storage of Q&A Threads.
Ostarian Center for Q & A Jul 11 2017, 11:52:58 AM, By Respublika Bielarus
Topics: 66 Replies: 558
Regular Forum (No New Posts) National Factbooks
For RP related stuff not tied directly to current RP's, such as national information, military ranks, exports, etc.
Factbook of Zukchiva May 3 2018, 08:14:56 PM, By Zukchiva
Topics: 199 Replies: 890
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Character Database
For each nation to have a thread with main, supporting, reoccurring characters.
Figures of Valokchia Apr 30 2018, 05:59:01 PM, By Gablogian
Topics: 36 Replies: 29
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Out of Character Discussion
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Regular Pinned: Roleplay Awards
The Oan Isles 3 268
Feb 6 2018, 01:15:28 AM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Hot Topic Pinned: TEP Roleplay Guidelines
hobbes 13 864
Jan 9 2017, 12:44:51 AM
Last Post By: Tuva
Hot Topic Pinned: Definition of terms
Infinite Loop 20 2,139
Aug 20 2009, 05:09:07 AM
Last Post By: Lazlowia
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Regular "Scaling" Anthropomorphic Species
Todd McCloud 0 121
May 9 2018, 10:35:30 PM
Last Post By: Todd McCloud
Hot Topic Resignation from RP Mod
The Oan Isles 6 123
Apr 29 2018, 04:07:03 PM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Hot Topic [AU] Urth Adventures Factbook
Encyclopedia of all things Meta
Furnifold 7 418
Apr 29 2018, 12:17:29 AM
Last Post By: rogueparagon
Regular Celannica's Retcons
PunnyShadow 0 50
Apr 25 2018, 09:56:47 PM
Last Post By: PunnyShadow
Regular Space Station 13- i mean OOC
hobbes 3 104
Apr 10 2018, 05:09:57 PM
Last Post By: Zukchiva
Regular Departure from TEP Evolved
A fond farewell to those who shared with me
Drachen 0 70
Apr 9 2018, 11:45:47 PM
Last Post By: Drachen
Hot Topic United Nations for Urth
The Oan Isles 9 258
Apr 5 2018, 12:15:02 PM
Last Post By: Arnold
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It's a Bird, it's a Plane, no, it's an Urth Hero!
OOC Thread for a Superhero/Supervillain RP
Furnifold 30 3,750
Mar 25 2018, 03:02:18 AM
Last Post By: rogueparagon
Hot Topic The 150 (AU)
King Rico 10 467
Mar 21 2018, 08:54:10 AM
Last Post By: PunnyShadow
Hot Topic Mending Wounds OOC
Dylan 12 246
Mar 10 2018, 08:53:02 PM
Last Post By: Tuva
Regular The Topic of Minor Strat Retcons
Strat 1 130
Mar 4 2018, 11:15:49 PM
Last Post By: Strat
Hot Topic Blueacia tax haven (?)
Info needed for the future
HRL Hayo 5 217
Mar 4 2018, 08:40:54 AM
Last Post By: packilvania
Regular Mod Notice: Rules for Roleplaying
The Oan Isles 1 120
Feb 26 2018, 06:14:58 AM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Moved Moved: The East Pacific Bar & Grill
Regular Mer-Liger East
Sorta Meta blog of Malayan Singapura
Malayan Singapura 1 66
Feb 19 2018, 07:03:28 AM
Last Post By: Malayan Singapura
Hot Topic Happy Lunar New Year
Malayan Singapura 5 107
Feb 16 2018, 03:10:03 PM
Last Post By: Atlae
Regular A Short Break
Strat 2 119
Jan 26 2018, 07:51:51 PM
Last Post By: King Rico
Regular Mod Notice: NSWiki
The Oan Isles 2 117
Jan 25 2018, 11:24:23 PM
Last Post By: Todd McCloud
Hot Topic Good bye
It's been fun
PunnyShadow 7 196
Jan 5 2018, 01:47:01 AM
Last Post By: Atlae
Poll Poll: Pinning Detention Island?
Dylan 3 185
Dec 23 2017, 04:48:01 PM
Last Post By: Dylan
Regular January's Government of Absurdistan-What'll it be?
Essentially a Pawn Off to the Highest Bidder
Furnifold 0 56
Dec 23 2017, 03:22:05 PM
Last Post By: Furnifold
Hot Topic
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Official Languages of TEP
Dylan 33 1,644
Dec 22 2017, 03:10:57 PM
Last Post By: Drachen
Regular Papa's Still Got it | Or that time SH bamboozled a multinational invasion with 0 troops
hobbes 1 127
Dec 19 2017, 08:28:31 AM
Last Post By: Dylan
Hot Topic The Tale of Two Doves OOC
The Oan Isles 5 123
Dec 15 2017, 06:03:22 AM
Last Post By: The Oan Isles
Moved Moved: Andromine Military
Poll Poll: The Urth Papal Conclave
OOC to elect a Catholic Pope
Furnifold 9 339
Dec 4 2017, 10:33:41 PM
Last Post By: Furnifold
Hot Topic Morlockland National Fair! (OOC Thread)
Masque 10 236
Nov 23 2017, 06:02:53 AM
Last Post By: Normallah
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