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Welcome to the East Pacific

Regular Forum Newcomers Start here
Please introduce yourself and apply for citizenship in the interregional government.
Citizenship Application and Welcome Thread Jul 17 2018, 10:13:51 AM, By The Grand Duchy of Fuzix
5 viewers Topics: 1,070 Replies: 8,702
Regular Forum Inside The East Pacific
Discussions and suggestions pertaining to the fuctions of TEP.
TEP Ads Mar 4 2018, 01:33:18 PM, By Strat
0 viewers Topics: 95 Replies: 1,182
Regular Forum Oh, The Places You'll Go In... NationStates
Discussion for NationStates in general, both for the sake of the game and for regions / events abroad.
A Discussion on RMB Roleplay Jul 16 2018, 04:40:47 PM, By Drachen
3 viewers Topics: 221 Replies: 1,178
Regular Forum The Lounge
General discussion.
Strange ailments, that you’ve had. Jul 14 2018, 07:35:19 PM, By Drachen
1 viewer Topics: 741 Replies: 4,720
Regular Forum Game Room
Forum games and the like.
Describe the Person Below You Jul 17 2018, 02:45:58 PM, By Drachen
6 viewers Topics: 170 Replies: 45,959
Regular Forum The University of TEP
Within these hallowed halls shall rest endless knowledge of the history of The East Pacific, her members, and gameplay guides.
Welcome to The University of The East Pacific Jul 16 2018, 01:57:51 PM, By Atlae
0 viewers Topics: 116 Replies: 640
Subforums: Preliminary College, Secondary College, Bachtendekuppen Memorial Library

Roleplaying Forums

Regular Forum Regional Atlas
Home of the Regional Maps
TEP RP Map Claims Thread Jul 16 2018, 11:04:51 PM, By Rogueparagon
1 viewer Topics: 58 Replies: 1,784
Regular Forum TEP Evolved (In-Character)
The heart and soul of TEP...TEP in the written word. All in-character roleplay occurs here.
UNAC Embassy Jul 17 2018, 05:49:56 AM, By Tuva
5 viewers Topics: 735 Replies: 15,011
Subforums: News Broadcasts, Embassies, Alternate Universe, The Storefront
Regular Forum Out of Character Discussion
For out of character discussion related to RPs, signups, plotting, etc.
Tretrid's Retcon log Jul 17 2018, 12:32:32 PM, By Tretrid
3 viewers Topics: 574 Replies: 4,152
Subforums: Q & A Threads, National Factbooks, Character Database

Government of the East Pacific

Regular Forum The Plaza
An open location for the government to discuss matters with citizens, or hold talks about issues that don't fit in one particular body of government.
Public Disclosure: Drachen Jul 17 2018, 03:22:34 AM, By Drachen
1 viewer Topics: 412 Replies: 2,847
Subforums: Public Disclosure Forms, Hall of Heroes
Regular Forum Magisterium
The hall of the Magisterium, legislature of the East Pacific.
Record of Votes Jul 17 2018, 02:30:36 PM, By Drachen
5 viewers Topics: 1,130 Replies: 12,952
Subforums: Laws of the East Pacific, Magisterium Voting Hall
Regular Forum Executive Offices
The home of the executive branch of the East Pacific including the office of the Delegate, Office of the Viziers, and Executive Archives.
Emigration Questionnaire Jul 17 2018, 12:32:28 PM, By Sakartovia
0 viewers Topics: 281 Replies: 4,146
Subforums: Executive Ministries, EPPS Forum
Regular Forum Conclave
The home of the judicial branch of the East Pacific as well as its sole court.
Comrade Hobbes 2018 Jun 11 2018, 10:35:00 PM, By Prussia
1 viewer Topics: 339 Replies: 3,873
Subforums: Library of the Court, Delegate Election
Regular Forum World Assembly Center
The regional head quarters of the World Assembly.
Largest Basket Weaving Sector. Jul 17 2018, 03:25:38 PM, By Bachtendekuppen
7 viewers Topics: 1,219 Replies: 11,614
Subforums: Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, The General Assembly, National Rankings, The Security Council
Regular Forum Embassy Row
Foreign embassies/consulates and embassy requests.
Force Consulate Jul 17 2018, 08:45:06 AM, By Greyghost
3 viewers Topics: 324 Replies: 2,104
Subforums: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, Balder, Lazarus, Osiris, The Rejected Realms


Regular Forum Administrative Announcements Global Moderator Candidates Jul 17 2018, 01:55:32 AM, By Bachtendekuppen
0 viewers Topics: 64 Replies: 424
Regular Forum Technical Discussions
A forum for technical requests and suggestions. Administration and moderation will serve the community of The East Pacific.
Mod/admin requests Jul 16 2018, 01:08:43 PM, By Drachen
1 viewer Topics: 163 Replies: 2,991
Read-only Forum Archives
The vast forum archives that make up the glorious and illustrious past of The East Pacific
Consulate: The Communist Bloc Mar 25 2018, 10:52:14 AM, By Aeneas
36 viewers Topics: 6,051 Replies: 61,465
Subforums: Social Archives, Government Archives, Roleplay Archives, Other Archives


  • Jul 17 2018, 02:38:08 PM
    Drachen: Oof, thanks for the heads up. I feel so isolated without my Discord...
  • Jul 17 2018, 02:35:53 PM
    East Malaysia: Google broke Discord https://status.discordapp.com/
  • Jul 17 2018, 12:03:36 AM
    Drachen: *notices green name* 0w0 wats dis??
  • Jul 13 2018, 02:49:35 PM
    Drachen: A Discussion on RMB Roleplay (soliciting responses): http://forum.theeastpacific.com/topic/7022490/1/
  • Jul 13 2018, 12:52:05 PM
    Drachen: I only wish the One Infinite Love worked better on mobile.
  • Jul 13 2018, 09:25:04 AM
    Dylan: Love it <3
  • Jul 13 2018, 01:13:24 AM
    East Malaysia: One Infinite Love & Winter is Coming themes are now active for all to enjoy outside of their seasons!
  • Jul 13 2018, 01:10:19 AM
    East Malaysia: Light (and I believe also for) Dark have their original banner.
  • Jul 13 2018, 01:04:17 AM
    East Malaysia: On Classic and Infinite... a remake of an original banner.
  • Jul 12 2018, 04:25:18 PM
    Wonder Woman: Join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!! TEPs best Ministry!

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