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Bai Lung
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Paradise City
Bai Lung is ranked 90th in the world and 5th in The East Pacific for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.
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The Free Republic of Bai Lung
Visit my official NSWiki page on Bai Lung

"They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The Hal'vonnist people of Dannistaan, the ones who created this nation... I am talking about the Dannistrian Hal'vonnist people of the North as well as the East...Communism is racial! A racial minority seized control in Bai Lung and in all her satellite states such as Kelssek, Dovakhan and the Free Pacific States, and many other countries I could name."

-Kelly Minn'ow-Jones, former leader of the Dannistrian National Party
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