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Viewing Single Post From: STV News
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Welcome to STV News. Tonight's headlines...

Our team will be on the front foot of the Miyaro incident.
A first look at the Constantine Bombs.
And of course, the weather!

-Music introduction-

Hello and welcome, this is Andy Tyrell and Zoetta Crystal on STV News tonight.
You all know about the situation in Miyaro. The extremist "Noct" movement that some people affiliate with "terrorism" has risen to new heights last night as a group of about 30 teenage followers aged 17 to 19 broke into a 17th century royal armoury, burning the building to the ground. Eye witnesses claim that these young men showed only one emotion. Hatred towards anything that stood for the monarchy. Although this movement has been going on for years, last night at about ten minutes to midnight marks the first act of radical violence towards the nation. Only four of the suspects have been caught and await trial.
The armoury, Lord Austen's tower, which is located two miles from the South Staynish border served as a military outpost during rising tensions between Ethalria, a form of stability for the Morstaybishlian Empire. The tower would later attract tourists from all over the continent for the next few centuries until it was converted into a museum after the Auroran Imperial War. The museum has provided for the local economy for well over two and a half decades, dedicating a large sum of its income to two local schools.
"This is an absolute devastating loss. Not only has a building of outstanding beauty has been destroyed, the growing presence of this ancient extremist religion is getting into our heads, you know. The behaviour from these young people is disgusting."
That was the museum owner giving his input.


Now, I'm sure everyone watching knows the nuclear arms race between the SCE and Ethalria during the Auroran Imperial War. Staynes reached at its peak 26,744 warheads whilst Ethalria topped off at approximately 25,000. By the end of the war, the Auroran Nuclear Weapons Disarmament Treaty was signed, which meant that all nations with a significantly large number of warheads were tasked with reducing their stockpile by a minimum of 70%. So far, Staynes has upgraded its arsenal's technology whilst reducing its stockpile to 3,813.
Because there has been no recent regional tensions between the large powers, plans for more nuclear warheads to be decommissioned are underway. However, the Royal Staynish Armed Forces unveiled their top secret nuclear weapons earlier this morning following the rising tensions in LaitanBurg. They stated that "these thermonuclear bombs were constructed in the 1980s and we had no plans of unveiling their power until Staynes once again felt threatened.". The twin hydrogen bombs, named the "Constantine Bombs" were constructed in Balidar and stored for two decades in Horales until it was moved to Staynes. Combined, the bombs weigh 52,000 kg, that's 26,000 kg each. If one of these bombs were used, it would have a blast yield of 54 Megatons. Although these bombs have never been tested, scientists from the University of Jubrayn has run hundreds of computer simulations. Each bomb's cloud would dwarf anything ever made, at 39.2 miles high. Of course, the armed forces has no intentions of using this weapon unless "threatened far beyond reasonable measure".

Now over to Carolina Swarzal for the weather. Thank you.


All that talk about nuclear weapons have made my scales rise!


Yes, well most of Staynes seems to be covered in calm, fast moving clouds with the occasional sunny spell from the Packilvanian Ocean which show no sign of rain. This is not the case in Corstanil, as thick, dark rain clouds have been blocking out the sun since early morning hours. Tomorrow we will see the clouds move off to the south with temperatures reaching 22 degrees Celsius, a sunny day for this time in the year!


Thank you Carolina. This has been the STV News.
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