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Welcome to STV News. Tonight's headlines...

The Rebel situation in Yor
Joralesia Elections
And of course, the weather!

-Music introduction-

Hello and welcome, this is Andy Tyrell and Zoetta Crystal on STV News tonight.
Lambertus VII has urged to all citizens of Staynes and the Empire that have residency in Yor, whether visiting or permanently, to make their ways back to home soil immediately. The Kings held the emergency speech yesterday night in Lamberta Palace in reaction to the advancing terrorist threats near Xagrurg. The Kings announcement:
"These terrorists are a threat to our sovereignty, and protecting the human-rights and lives of my people comes above all else. If there is any reason why you cannot make your way into Staynes, the closest refuge points the South Staynish government has established is in Rek and Yikara. Please do not put yourselves and your children in danger. Thank you."
Lambertus VII also urged the South Staynish government to deploy three Destroyers and several patrol boats in the Yikant Harbour in Yikara. The government accepted the request and the naval force is making its way into clear international waters to assist with the minimal-casualty evacuation operation.

Now, the Joralesian Elections are coming closer and closer. It is to be held in August, like every five years since 1757. There are several outstanding candidates for the head government position. The Joralesian Conservatives, led by Justin Mackenzie, The Joralesian Labour Nationalists, led by Christine Koddenorf and the Joralesian Green Party, led by Tommy Buckle. Each candidate is currently on Governor Campaign across each of the 42 states.
It is early to say, but Christine Koddenorf seems to be leading social media with an average 3 times more mentions than their Conservative rivalry.

Now over to Carolina Swarzal for the weather. Thank you.


Thank you and welcome to the STV weather. The sun is roaring across the nation in an unexpected heat wave that started on Tuesday. It is expected to last until Monday with heights of 40 degrees! Make sure wherever you go to take a bottle of sunscreen and plenty of water!
A heavy Packilvanian storm is expected to hit the Justelvard coast around 15:00 on Sunday, it is yet uncertain whether it will escalate.
Down in the Joralesian and Balidar region, calm weather with a sprinkle of water throughout the night, whilst in the Pacific Territory, expect to stay indoors with storms lasting until tomorrow evening!


Thank you Carolina. This has been the STV News.
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