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Welcome to STV News. Tonight's headlines...

Typhoon Mable
Queen Consort's illness

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Hello and welcome, this is Aron Makuh-Winsek and Zoetta Crystal on STV News tonight.
Typhoon Mable is dusting past the state of Jubliak, causing destruction in Jubliak City and many coastal towns. The storm has caused 5 million people to evacuate into the countryside.
Hundreds of flights have been cancelled from and to Jubliak City, Fort Vitrayn and Sani Bursil. The storm will cause billions in set-backs and property damage. Some loss of life is also predicted.
The M1 has been closed after the road was deemed unsafe, with hundreds of thousands of vehicles being redirected onto smaller routes.
Another mass evacuation has been spotted taking place at the southern face of the Jubrione, with thousands of animals fleeing into the plains and temperate forests.

Now, we bring very sad news to the nation today, as the Royal Court has publicly announced that the Queen Consort Rosetta has developed primary hepatic cancer, or cancer of the liver. She was flown to Fort Jintaan in South Staynes to receive medical treatment until the typhoon clears, where she will be flown to the Royal Bersius Hospital. It is yet unknown as to how far the disease has spread.

This has been the STV News.
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