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10:06 AM Breaking News

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Hello and welcome, this is Andy Tyrell and Zoetta Crystal on STV News.
We have received breaking news from Sani Bursil. A deadly explosive has detonated in the Vora suburbs of 09:58 AM this Wednesday morning. The explosion killed twelve people and injured over twenty others. Whilst the story develops, it is confirmed it is Ethalrian related, the deadliest terrorist attack on Staynish soil since the Auroran Imperial War, over 42 years ago.

A category one hurricane has been studied off of the coast of Montecadra city in the Pacific ocean. Designated Hurricane Jaana, it is not expected to reach category two and is expected to move over the Northern Staynish Pacific Islands towards the East Malaysian east coast, with predictions seeing minimal property damage.

The 158 year old railway system from Fort Ejard to Redrugus has closed for repairs. It is planned to reopen on the 22nd of October, costing around ♅22,500,000.

The number of people in need of houses in Joralesia has trebled in the last year. A new housing development plan has been authenticated today, planned to build millions of new homes across the dependency for the year 2018.

And it is a sad day for everyone today. One of the last remaining actors from the golden age of film, Reuben Alexandar JiCaglio, passed away at his three-bedroom residency in Fort Bagrin, in the company of his family, aged 108. He starred in dozens of classical films, from Fools and Mutts and Cowboys and Joralesians. A national mourning service will take place on the 18th of October in Fort Bagrin.

This has been the STV News.
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