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The Federation of Hausberg Q & A; Hausberg Q & A
Topic Started: Apr 17 2016, 07:46:46 PM (1,192 Views)
Kaiser Haus II
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hello, Again
I'm opening this thread to any and all questions about the Federation of Hausberg. Any questions you have pertaining to the nation's people, government, and leader, Kaiser Haus II. Some of my answers may be pre-planned but a fair bit will be improvised as this is as much as learning session about my nation for you as it is for me. Hopefully, the questions asked here will help in properly defining the current status and history of Hausberg.
Edited by Kaiser Haus II, Apr 18 2016, 06:14:15 PM.
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Todd McCloud
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Planet Telox
Welcome aboard!

What are the demographics of your nation? Are there any nonhuman species present here?

What's their chief religion?
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Kaiser Haus II
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hello, Again
There are nonhuman species present in the form of immigrants to Hausberg, but the majority of the population are either Human or part of Hausberg's main nonhuman species, the "Khalderai." The Khalderai, or the "dwarves" as they're commonly referred to, are a species native to Hausberg's northwestern mountainous regions. They make up about 28% of the Hausberg population and have been a major factor in the development of Hausberg. Their appearance is that of short, stocky humans, typically standing at around 5 feet in height, they have a very sturdy build and are natural craftsmen. They lived in the area before the migration of Humans to the Hausbergian region. There are some ethnic conflicts between the Humans and the Khalderai, but in general, after around 5 centuries of coexistence, the two races live in relative harmony. The Khalderai have taught the people of Hausberg most of what they know of science, industry, and statecraft. Many of the Hausberg upper class are half-Khalderai, half-Human.

The racial demographics in Hausberg are around 71% Human, 28% Khalderai (Dwarvish), and 1% other. The average life expectancy is around 75 years old. The nation is 40% urban and quickly growing due to Hausberg's rapid economic development. Average annual income in Hausberg is around 60,000 gelds (essentially equivalent to US dollars) but due to libertarian policies in Hausberg the richest of the population make around 300,000 gelds while the poorest usually make around 10,000. Around 10% of the population is undernourished due to problems faced by industrialization. The birth rate of Hausberg is 20/1000 while the death rate is about 15/1000, creating a natural increase rate of 5% every year, this rate is beginning to decline with the introduction of family planning. 87% of the population have had an education of some sort but many have only taken a year of school, efforts are being made to increase the years in school, though. There are many more demographics I could give but I'll cut this short for now.

Hausberg is secular but the most popular religion is Kaiserhausen, a religion originating from the Khalderai, it now encompasses 92% of the population. It is a monotheistic religion based around the Holy All-Kaiser, who created the universe by breaking the great rock of origin causing the planets, stars, etc., to form. The teachings of the All-Kaiser emphasize forging your own destiny and seeking personal glory to immortalize oneself in history. This belief is one of the major reason for Hausberg's decentralized governing policy.

Thanks for the great questions!
Edited by Kaiser Haus II, Apr 21 2016, 08:39:58 PM.
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