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Cartographer's Guide to Map Rules and Claims; REQUIRED READING BEFORE MAKING CLAIMS
Topic Started: Aug 7 2017, 04:20:23 PM (1,098 Views)
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Lord of the Idiots
This thread is intended to centralize the rules and features for the TEP RP map and the process of claiming a place on it, since people seem to avoid reading the OP in the claims thread.
The current Cartographers are Ember, Sir Starxpro, Rogueparagon, Asendavia, and Tuva, so if you have any complaints, questions, or suggestions, PM them via the TEP Forums, Skype, or Discord.

Making a Claim

If you're new to TEP roleplay, or re-joining us, please follow and meet the requirements below:

You Must:

  • ...have been a citizen for at least three days. (Apply for citizenship here here)
  • ...have joined either the TEP Skype chat or the TEP Discord Chat

Once you have met the requirements above, post a reply in the map claim thread with the following:
  • The shortened name of your nation
  • A specific image of the map detailing where you would like your nation to be or a detailed description. Locations of cities and capitols are encouraged.
  • Important RP concerning the nation: type of culture, some history, some interesting facts
  • Your handle on Skype or Discord so we may confirm you have joined one of the chats.

If you're an existing roleplay nation looking to change national borders, annexation, colonization, and any other changes to the map that directly affect your nation and nations around it, please feel post a reply in the map claim thread with the following:
  • Name of new / removed territory (or territories)
  • Location (post a description of the changes or an image, image preferred)
  • Relevant Roleplays (please post links to roleplay threads with brief explanations)
  • An In-Character reason for the expansion (Like resources, space, etc.)

New claims cannot exceed 80 million population, 300 billion GDP, and are initially restricted to a certain size that is determined by your geographical area and type of government. The cartographers will calculate and adjust your claim accordingly.


For any annexations or expansions, the user wishing to expand MUST either create an NPC nation specifically for expanding, or use a nation that has CTE'd (Ceased to Exist on NationStates)
Any posts that request for an increase in size of a nation will be evaluated with the criteria below:

  • Size of the nation's TEP GDP (Not NS GDP)
  • Size of land taken (You don't need to post this, as we will calculate this)
  • Size of the nation's TEP Military (Not NS Military)
  • Distance from the homeland (You don't need to post this, as we will calculate this)

*Regarding expansion role-playing: The requirements for expansions have become more stringent. Users undergoing expansion must create a new thread dedicated to the expansion. It must be more than a few posts. It cannot occur off-site or be referenced in another thread (unless it is part of a war or treaty arrangement), or referenced in national factbooks, NSWiki, NationStates etc. Put simply, if AN EXPANSION does not occur in TEP-evolved, it is not canon.

Expansion threads must contain enough substantial material to warrant the country's expansion. The wording is purposefully vague to allow for each user to create their own expansion thread as they desire, so long as it contains enough material (since it is a role-play, a semi-formed story is the minimum threshold). Users may also rp expansions with other users, so as the requirements above are met.

Expansions will NOT be added to the map until either the conclusion of the expansion thread, or at the request of the user, so long as the expansion has enough material. The process should be that the user role-plays their expansion thread, and then posts on the map claims thread their expansion request, but, if an expansion claim is submitted before this point, the request will be postponed until the threshold has been met.


Once you have a nation on the map, it is your responsibility to become active in the roleplay community.

"Having a place on the map comes with the responsibility to be active with that nation. Being active on TEP-Evolved just means posting in this thread:
http://forum.theeastpacific.com/forum/3552/. It can be something as simple as posting a news broadcast from your country, or establishing an embassy thread, or actually engaging in one of the many role-playing threads that are available. The point is, we want to see people who make land claims actually follow through, and use these nations to contribute to the entire role-playing experience....If you claim land and the cartographers give you a nation on Urth, the cartographers expect to see you post involving your nation within a reasonable amount of time (usually within the month of making a claim). Otherwise, you will not be contributing to TEP role-play, and will no longer retain the nation on Urth." - Furnifold

For a nation to remain on the map, you must post at least once every thirty days. The cartographers take a tally at the end of each month of those users who have not been active for that period of time, and slate the nations for removal. Even if you post one message every month that simply says "I'm still here," your nation will remain. If you want your nation re-added to the map, it can be done. But your lack of activity will be noted, and if you again fail to post anything for another month, your nation will be removed once more. If this process repeats, you may lose the ability to have land on the map.

[edit_reason]Fixed badly worded expansion rules[/edit_reason]
Edited by Rogueparagon, Apr 2 2018, 10:29:15 AM.

NSWiki: Free Syllvin on NsWiki
Nationstates: Free Syllvin on Nationstates
Embassy: Embassy of Free Syllvin
Map Rules: Cartographer's Guide

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