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Manson's Friendship Challenge
Topic Started: Aug 25 2017, 09:03:54 PM (190 Views)
Marilyn Manson
Member Avatar
Bill Stickers is Innocent

Hey NS! It's me, your favorite online rockstar!

I've been in the shadows developing this challenge for a while, and I thought today would be the day to share it with the rest of the world.

Have you just joined NS, and you're having trouble making friends? Or, are you a veteran player, that wants to meet new people? Now you can! Participate in this simple challenge and start new friendships today!

Backstory: When I was new to NS, I felt alone and scared. My friend who had introduced me to the game grew inactive, I was all by myself. Later, my friend grew active again and he moved into the region known as Avadam Inn. I followed him there and his inactivity grew again, and he ceased to exist eventually. I became good friends with all of the people in the region, and later, I became dedicated to the region. They are a big branch of my NS family, I will never forget them. As a couple of years passed, I came to where I am today, still quite alone. I met a quite a few of my friends by putting random letters in the world search bar. I met one of my best friends, The Stalker, this way. We talked for a while, and then I decided to move a nation into his region, Hell. Even small things like this, shaped me into who I am. I still look for new friends this way, and I encourage you to do as I do.

Our Purpose: To unite and make NS friendlier! Everyone needs a friend!

Ways You Can Help: Pin this dispatch in your region, or you can put #MansonsFriendshipChallenge in your WFE or on your RMB.

How To Make Friends The Manson Way

1. Go to the world.

2. Click on the blank search box in the top right corner.

3. Type in three to four random letters, and hit search.

4. Click on the first nation that pops up.

5. Send them a telegram saying hi, and how you wish to talk more and even maybe become good friends.

Proud Supporters
Avadam Inn
The Rejected Realms
the East Pacific
the South Pacific
the North Pacific
International Debating Area
Homelands / Pokemanland
The Church of Satan
Pencil Sharpeners 2
The Stalker
Yuno Owl
Th empire of wymondham
Imperium of Josh
Founder Thoth
The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Willania Imperium
The Sygian
Vincent Drake
Drugged Monkeys
Todd McCloud
Please Understand
Big Bad Badger

And many more wonderful supporters that weren't mentioned!

Update 8/6/17 : I'm proud to announce that so far, three GCRs have pinned this dispatch, The East Pacific pinned it first, then The South Pacific, and finally, The Rejected Realms! I had no clue it would get this popular!

All text was made by myself.

Hi, I'm Manson! I'm just your friendly neighborhood rockstar!

Feel free to message me on discord or shoot me a telegram anytime! I'll most likely respond.

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