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Leaving Conclave at end of my term
Topic Started: Oct 9 2017, 01:21:22 PM (294 Views)
A Slanted Black Stripe
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What stripe?
Delegate Yuno,

My current term as Arbiter ends on October 31, 2017. This note is to inform you that you will need to select a nominee to replace me and submit it to the Magisterium for confirmation, as I have no interest in serving another term in the Conclave.

It has been an honor to serve the region. Now, it is time for others to experience the same honor.

Yours in peace,


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Here comes lil' Brudder



*what do i do*

i hope you stay in TEP

you've been REALLY helpful, I don't know how many legal mistakes we'd have made if you weren't posting info and the stuff youve done for us has been great too. Well, there's still a month left, I'll start thinking
Edited by Yuno, Oct 9 2017, 05:07:48 PM.
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Apple Pi
You have served TEP with distinction, A Slanted Black Stripe. I echo the sentiments above by Yuno as well.

Thank you for your honorable service.

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"We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity."
"With stout hearts, and with enthusiasm for the contest, let us go forward to victory."
"An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot."
"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."
"Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact."

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NES w/8-track expansion
One of the most dedicated, concise, and helpful people I have met. It was a pleasure watching you work.
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The Puffin
Thanks for all your efforts, ASBS. Stay around!
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Bach for TEP

Main Nation
"No matter how hard your day, no matter how tough your choices, how complex your ethical decisions, you always get to choose what you want for lunch." - Denny Crane
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