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Hello from Junkyard America, baby!; Welcome to Junkyard America!
Topic Started: Oct 12 2017, 10:18:26 AM (90 Views)
Tyrone Freeman
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Face Plant!
Posted Image

Welcome to Junkyard America, baby!

Yeah, my names Tyrone! Chillin' up in the hood! Yeah! I just thought I should of made a introductory page just so' mah fellow Po' in The East Pacific could ask me questions and say hi to entitlement america! Yeah! I'm swipin' my EBT to buy some malt liquor as I'm buying this! I'm always happy, baby! Come on down! Hi to all my hood' brethen in The East Pacific, baby!

Signed, Tyrone Freeman, baby!
Edited by Tyrone Freeman, Oct 12 2017, 10:20:11 AM.
You don't want none of Ghost, baby!
You don't want none of Ghost, baby!
Well, look who it is, the man they call Ghost,
the host with the most and I don't mean to brag or boast,
people hating cause' I talk about the president,
the fruity liberals and the illegal mexicans,
they all say Ghost is a dangerous man, cuz' I speak the politics that they don't understand
truth and service to the heart just to let em' know
Capitalism to the soul to the bullet hole
I've livin' rich sittin fat but I want mo'
I'm livin' lavish and I ain't got no time fo' the po'.
I'm like Rob Hobbesian
Theopolitics books all Leviathan
I'm not cold, I'm a humanitarian, wanna see human progress till' the very end.

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The Puffin
Is that English?

Also, welcome to TEP!
Posted Image
Bach for TEP

Main Nation
"No matter how hard your day, no matter how tough your choices, how complex your ethical decisions, you always get to choose what you want for lunch." - Denny Crane
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King Rico
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King of Kings
Well first welcome m8!!

Next interesting name although in RP you will have to refrain using thee word America, speaking of which join Skype so you can interact with everyone !!
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Gordic Nations The Kingdom of Kasmiyland, The Kingdom of Crania, The Kingdom of Subrovania, The Kingdom of Lessau
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