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La Navasse Public Disclosure Form
Topic Started: Dec 31 2017, 02:17:17 AM (550 Views)
La Navasse
Member Avatar
You got blood on my Suit.
Information Last Updated: December 30, 2017 - 11:15 PM PST

Forum Name: La Navasse

Nation in TEP: La Navasse

Aliases: -The Vanu Sovereignty-, (formerly) Aimdar-Goomdar, Ala-Guorkar, Anti Slavikia, AlonI, Caspian Settlement, Kalinin K-7, Kalinin K-8, Lalaq, Lanav, Nay-O-Bi, Swarshengaggen, The Rejected Realms [nation], Vuon, Vuori, Vuori Kunin-Grrs, Worshenia, Youseff. [Other identities may exist, but are unused puppets]

Citizenships: The East Pacific, Coastalia, Oroqus, The Anti Slavikian Alliance

WA Status: WA Member in TEP - Currently with La Navasse

Positions in TEP: Editor in the EPNS, Diplomat to 10000 Islands, Soldier of the EPSA

Government Positions in other regions or organizations: Founder of Coastalia, Oroqus, and The Anti Slavikian Alliance - runs the military in all three regions as Founder. Leads the Vuon Verein, the interregional organization which unites the former three regions.

Additional Information:
I have a strong sense of efficiency, shunning inefficiencies, and doing things on the basis of principle, not just play. As a result, I have an aversion to considerable obstacles to TEP that may delay our continuing ascent to the top of the world stage, such as appointment by election, when skill may be better, nations who have detrimental Userite interests in TEP, nations who do not regularly support TEP's interests, aversion against meritocracy, and the short-term goals of elected officials of pleasing the crowd for re-election. The healthiest political system is one where the officials are highly skilled, demonstrate considerable loyalty to the region, and use every means to aid the region and its allies.

If I become a Magister of TEP, I would support laws that adopted more TEP-advancing, independent-leaning policies, moving out of the sphere of R/D and into the realm of R/D on the basis of politics - political gameplay. I would also be supportive of regional policies that help promote active political discussion, and making TEP a hub of cultural activities, such as a Star Wars-themed RP, a World Assembly "Author of TEP" contest, and art contests where creative TEPers can easily express themselves in ways they hadn't thought of before. Encouraging the hidden reservoir of innovation to drive the TEP dam of activity more easily and with high quality would be a big goal. I also support continuing foreign stability and friendly relations, especially with our current major allies the NPO and TWP, and collaborating together to counteract other alliances potentially detrimental to our cause. I admittedly have lead the interregional organization the Vuon Verein, however, the interests of The East Pacific are first and foremost in all of my endeavors in my creation of essentially UCR fronts for our Feederite cause, and any conflicts with TEP's interests that arise will be promptly dealt with by the curtailing of such conflict on my side.

The TEP community feels to me as having many more active and welcoming players than other GCRs, but also having massive potential to be an even more engaging and powerhouse of activity in the GCRs. The region has dedicated players that I've worked with, and they have shown to me in a week and a half the wonders of the nature, spirit, and humility of TEP. I truly believe that there are marvelous things ahead for the community with the direction it's taking, and joining it in the legislative process is one of the best privileges I could have.
Edited by La Navasse, Apr 16 2018, 12:51:36 AM.
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La Navasse
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You got blood on my Suit.
Information Last Updated: January 3, 2018 - 1:32 PM

Positions in TEP: Accepted as Editor of EPNS.
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La Navasse
Member Avatar
You got blood on my Suit.
March 5, 2018 - 4:48 PM

Government Positions in other regions or organizations: The Coalition Against Authoritarianism and The Resistance Against The [New Pacific] Order have both been completely disbanded, and their respective regions terminated, due to complete inactivity.
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La Navasse
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You got blood on my Suit.
April 15, 2018 - 10:49 PM

Government Positions in other regions or organizations: Officially lists the Vuon Verein as the interregional organization uniting the three main regions I have Founded.

Additional Information: Extensive edits - please read.
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La Navasse
Member Avatar
You got blood on my Suit.
April 15, 2018 - 10:53 PM

Positions in TEP: Recent removal from the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs noted, and long-delayed positions as Editor at EPNS and Diplomat to 10000 Islands added. "Member" of the EPSA changed to "Soldier."
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