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Charges Presented Against Malayan Singapura
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 12:30:04 AM (3,452 Views)
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Lolita Goddess
To the Conclave:

Recently, we have a security threat by the name of Malayan Singapura(https://www.nationstates.net/nation=malayan_singapura). I have given him a plethora of "second chances" because he pleaded with us, telling us that he'd reform.

I gave him two conditions on overturning his ban:
-Do not FLAME other nations on the RMB
-Do not PING foreign nations of FOREIGN GCRs on the RMB to drag their attention to TEP just to start a flame war between yourself and the nations you're enemies with (which, can't blame them) from your former GCRs (which you were banned from for trolling.)
-A nation named The Sanada Clan, a very reasonable RMBer, requested Malayan Singapura to STOP pinging her nation, however, he repeatedly pinged her nation several times after that over the course of weeks, even when warned directly by myself to stop pinging them. This is borderline harassment if not harassment. (Appallingly, that's not the only nation he did this too, I counted at least TEN, from all the feeders.)

Despite agreeing to these terms, he's violated all of these again. I do not care how many times he apologizes, I've overturned his ban TWICE due to his apologies, a third will be unfair to all TEPers. I'd hope he's permanently exiled from TEP.

He quoted and insulted a TEP nation he's never met before for simply saying "Good morning" on the RMB, allthough that's really nothing in comparison to some of the other interregional fights he started right on our RMB. I thought he would stop being a troll when he showed remorse and apologized to us; and when TEP citizens reported to me that Malayan Singapura was constantly posting around this forum despite being banned gameside, and showing decent behavior, I thought he had reformed and overturned his ban. Turns out that was only temporary.

He doxxed someone he knows in real life on the Discord, I gave him a Discord ban but let him stay in game-side, but it turned out I was too lenient because not two days after, and he was already pinging foreign nations AGAIN -_-

One might wonder why we put up with this troll for so long, and it's because he can actually string together full sentences/paragraphs and act remorseful like an educated individual making the PERFECT excuses -_- But "displaying remorse" is pointless if the offender repeats the harmful behavior again, so lesson learned and Malayan Singapura is to be permanent-banned. Even without his TEP summary offenses, he should still be admin banned for OOC offenses.

It's different if it's two nations joking around and egging each other on with fake insults lightheartedly, but at least several of these nations blatantly stated they were uncomfortable if he continued pinging them but he ignored this. I told him of this fact bluntly and had him *agree* to stop, which he did, for only two days before he restarted.

Furthermore, I would not be writing a case like this as we get dozens of trolls regularly, however, this nation has been constantly posting around on TEP's forum claiming he's a Student of TEP University (which is another reason I unbanned him, I wanted more activity in Culture&Education) but suddenly he has to start up his offenses again, posing a danger to TEP and using our RMB as a medium to conduct his offenses, so in my opinion with Delegate judgment, Malayan Singapura should stay proscribed entirely, including *after* I complete being TEP Delegate.

Lastly, there are screenshots for evidence of the summary offense and public nuisance Malayan Singapura provoked. To reach the witnesses with the screenshots, contact Verdrassil(Drachen), Free Sylvin(Succ), or Trukya for the evidence. Administrator Todd McCloud has the evidence as well. (I apologize if this thread is written aggressively or uneloquently, I'm an unimpressed Delegate.)

Therefore, in accordance to the Criminal Code, I further request the Court to convict non-citizen Malayan Singapura (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=malayan_singapura) for violation of the Criminal Code on the counts of:


...4.8- The East Pacific shall assert its right as a Region to deny entry or residence to any nation it has deemed a significant risk to the Region, including but not limited to nations which have been convicted of Treason or High Treason.
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Yare yare dawa...
I can confidently say that in my year and some change that I've been a member of NationStates that Malayan Singapura is without a doubt the most unpleasant individual I have ever been forced to endure as a member of The East Pacific.

The world may never know if it is possible for an individual to be more daft, oblivious, and socially inept. Truly, it cannot be understated what a lack of reading comprehension or contextual understanding this man has. I don't say this with the slightest intention of being rude; it is merely a descriptive observation that anyone who has spoken with him could tell you. Very simple jokes are missed, very stupid questions are asked, you name it, he'll misinterpret it. Unreal. What a difficult person to have in a social environment.

The ignorance spewed forth from this man during any sort of conversation, particularly politics, was both equally mind-boggling and frustrating. Nothing he said was coherent or backed by any sort of legitimacy or logical reasoning. The "hate boner" he seemed to have towards the United States was beyond uncalled for and a bit insulting, particularly when he would make accusations that would make even the most paranoid of tinfoil hat salesmen shake their heads in disbelief.

Further on this note, his paranoia was not limited towards just the United States government but also what seems to be the female sex. I'm not one to throw around terms like "sexist" lackadaisically, but I would have to say in his own way, Malayan Singapura fits this trait to a tee. It cannot be forgotten how often he drummed up this theory comprised of baseless accusations involving the Loligarch, Lala, or several other notable, respectable female members within the community as being part of some surreptitious feminist movement that has pervaded throughout NationStates. You cannot make this up, folks. The posts on the RMB are still there, somewhere, and if they're suppressed I'd be more than happy to show them to you. This guy acted like the fair criticisms he was received as it pertained to his aggression and harassment of female players was somehow characteristic of some spooky agenda. Scapegoats are a hell of a thing, aren't they?

Anyway, easily the most worrying and unforgivable aspect of his behavior was indeed the obsessive fixation he had on Lala, an individual whom I consider nothing other than pleasant and enjoyable user. While what occurred between Malayan Singapura and Lala originally took place in The North Pacific, this vendetta of his found its way into our domain and was the original cause of his first ban. When Yuno quite generously gave him a second chance and unbanned him, as mentioned in her post above, one of his very simple, very clear, and very explicit instructions was that he not so much as mention her again. The fact this was too hard for him to abide by leaves me utterly incredulous. Not only did he speak ill of her once, but twice (just that I can remember) and in a public forum (the TEP RMB) no less. Even though Lala was the target of his stalkerish behavior, I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable myself. This is not the kind of person we should allow in our community.

Oh, yeah. He also doxxed a colleague. This needs no further explanation.

As far as I am concerned, The East Pacific has finally expunged a cancer that had been left to fester for far too long. Good riddance, Malignant Sarcoma.
[edit_reason]Slight wording mistake[/edit_reason]
Edited by Drachen, Mar 10 2018, 01:10:40 AM.

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Malayan Singapura
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Charles Atlas Seal of Approval
I have been expecting this all along. It seemed like as if I knew my time here would be another C4. Normally this is the part where I would show remorse, but it is obvious no one would care about it anyway. Not after what I've done.

It is a bit funny that while everything despicable I've done is listed, there's extra placed in where, in my opinion, is quite biased.

First of all, the thing of hating Lala is not sexism, but a personal conflict of some kind person to person. I have no idea who concepted the idea that this was about a clash of beliefs.

Secondly, how does hating one man ruling the US government equal to that of hating the US ?

I could go on, but I think it would make things worse, so to end this, I say this.

<kneels to the ground>

Sorry for infecting you all with the cancer that I have left unchecked. It was an obvious disaster to even come here when all that negativity is not yet gone. But this would not be the end of this. My heart is in the right place, but I cannot say the same for my brain.

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The Fluffy Horde
The "charges" posted by the delegate are ruled Out of Order.

The 'accused' is NOT A CITIZEN, as determined and discussed in the previous thread regarding this individual's complaint.
Being a non-citizen, the accused has NO RECOURSE before Conclave, including the ability to be formally charged with anything.

If the Delegate wishes to eject or ban this nation from the East Pacific, it is well within their right. However there is no legal or game-based function that would ensure permanence to the ban, as a later administration could remove an in-game ban or reverse a decision under the cited portions of the criminal code. If the concerns are of real-life consequence or violate terms of service of the various media the accused uses, then this Viceroy suggests the moderation teams of the media be contacted.

The Office of the Viceroy recognizes the weight behind the testimony and arguments presented, but the course sought by the Delegate is one that will not happen. The Conclave WILL NOT be extending to non-citizens the right to trial without an accompanying constitutional change. The Delegate is empowered to enforce the provisions of the Dictum to deny residence to the 'accused' and the Conclave will back up such use of force as the sole prerogative of the Delegate.

If the Delegate would like clarification of the powers or role in this particular instance, this Viceroy suggests requesting a formal Review.

Former Delegate
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"Viceroy Aelitia, whatever pills he might use, sure has ushered in a new era of TEP law"-EPNS 18/09/14

Civillian Missile Commander, Nuclear Apocalypse, April 2017
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Aelitia on NS
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Lolita Goddess
If the Delegate wishes to eject or ban this nation from the East Pacific, it is well within their right. However there is no legal or game-based function that would ensure permanence to the ban, as a later administration could remove an in-game ban or reverse a decision under the cited portions of the criminal code. If the concerns are of real-life consequence or violate terms of service of the various media the accused uses, then this Viceroy suggests the moderation teams of the media be contacted.

Fortunately, we've already done that.
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