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Goodbye NS; If I come back, I'm either forgiven or a moron
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 10:41:00 PM (96 Views)
Malayan Singapura
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Charles Atlas Seal of Approval
Can't say much because no one will give a shit.

So goodbye and hopefully I won't be a dick in the real world.

Who knows ? Maybe I'll be a real politician.

Wish it was sooner, I mean I haven't been elected to anything yet.

But let my name be a story to all who don't watch their tongue

I hope the hate will be gone.

And one day I'll might even be able to reincarnate here. But for now, I need to see the light. Sunlight that is. I have been depriving myself of an actual social life.

Thanks for all the advice on life . Now I would like to request someone to mercy delete this account so that the final links are cut and I could enjoy youth and not come back for a huge while. But not a ban. Please.... Not another ban
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