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What are Issues and Why do they Matter?; Issues Drive!
Topic Started: Mar 11 2018, 03:07:13 PM (237 Views)
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Whaddya mean, there's no caek delivery down here?
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What do you consider to be the most fun thing about NationStates? Raiding or Defending? Roleplaying? The World Assembly Couping *cough* *cough* I mean, getting into regional governments?

For many, it is the (as of March 5th, 2018) 900+ issues that they answer. But wait, you say. The issues are boring and they are biased super exaggerated and have unintended consequences.

If you are reading this right now on the forum, this might actually be a reality for you, letting your issue queue fill up unanswered while you roleplay, raid, or talk on Discord.

But one of the first things that you do when in NationStates as a new player is answer issues. NationStates was and is a political simulator game (however exaggerated and satirical it may be), with this caption at the home page.

NationStates is a nation simulation game. Create a nation according to your political ideals and care for its people. Or deliberately oppress them. It's up to you.

The NationStates FAQ (https://www.nationstates.net/page=faq), as written, emphasizes mainly on the building of your nation via issues, WA, and region building (although why would you do that if you’re in TEP). In comparison, the Raiding and Defending game, which some consider more fun than sitting down and answering issues, gets a brief mention in the FAQ.

Furthermore, there are nations out there that only go on NationStates for issue answering, and don’t venture onto the RMB, regional Discord server, regional forums, NS forums, etc. and don’t interact with the wider NS community. You can also tell by the World Activity feed that other than the daily updates, the vast majority of the activity feed is made up of RMB messages and issues.

So let’s consider for the sake of argument that you, the reader, enjoys answering issues, or otherwise convinced by me that issues are an essential part to NationStates. This course will mainly be focused on how to write issues, because by now you’ve most likely answered an issue and hopefully enough to understand how issues are framed.

So why do we write issues?

Back in the day, the game only had 31 issues, all written by Max Barry. (Frankly, I don’t think they’re well written, but the issues community’s standard has risen dramatically.) If you think the game is getting unoriginal after giving you a few issues twice, just imagine what it would have been like to get the same 31 issues over and over again.

So, a system of player-submitted issues was developed. Later, editors were chosen to edit the player-submitted issues. If you go to your issues page (https://www.nationstates.net/page=dilemmas) you’ll find this box that says “Want to write issues for NationStates?” linking you to https://www.nationstates.net/page=submit_issue.

However, it is worth noting if you just head straight in with your undoubtedly great idea for an issue and submit it, you’ll find something strange. A lack of response. Perhaps they deleted it, or maybe it’s deep in one of the issue pools, while the editors wonder if they can salvage it. This is mostly because you forgot one big, important step.

Here’s what a senior issue editor [nation]Candlewhisper Archive[/nation] had to say on the matter:

Candlewhisper Archive
Senior Issue Editor
So, here's a fun stats[sic] for you guys. In the last 7 days, 106 issue submissions were looked over by the team and moved to the deleted pile. 6 issues were added to the yes-pool for future consideration. That ratio is not unusual.

Draft in GI guys, and be sure to take your time. It makes all the difference.

Remember those boxes you had to check before submitting an issue? Did you really read “How to Write an Issue?” Did you really read “The Got Issues? FAQ?” Did you really read the Terms and Conditions? (Okay, that last one is a bit harsh :P )

So read the guides and pinned threads, find a good topic (one significant enough that people think ‘yes, that’s a problem’) and start writing! The drafting period may take a while, depending on your writing capability, amount of commentary, and how many issues are about your topic.

Thank you for reading this lecture on what issues are and how to write them. Now without further ado, I’d like to introduce something below:

The University of The East Pacific is very proud to host the 1st Annual…
The East Pacific Issues Drive!!!!

From today, March 11th, to September 11th, if you publish an issue in that timeframe and let us know about it, you not only get a nice issues author badge and bragging rights, but also a special prize from UTEP!

Here are the rules:

  • It has to be published at the specified time frame. Past issues will not count (although congratulations on writing an issue!)
  • It must be drafted within the Got Issues? forum.
  • You may write two or more concurrently (especially in case one takes a lot longer than the other), but you will only get one prize.

Tips and Recommendations:

  • Be as humorous as possible within the issue. Just enough to remember it’s a serious issue, but no one wants to answer a boring issue.
  • Humor is doubly important with effect lines.
  • Regarding effect lines, they are viewed by the outside player as:
Following new legislation in @@NAME@@, insert effect line here

Thus, to make sense, don’t put something in the effect lines that you introduce in the issue.
  • It may take a while to get people to post on your thread. You could join the GI? Discord server and ask politely for feedback, or eventually one of the regulars or editors might see it and suggest changes.
  • As I mentioned before, drafting an issue can take a while, so if you have time, I’d suggest trying to write 2 or 3 at once and keep backup ideas, in case they fall through.
  • It can take a while for your issue to be polished and ready to go, and with countless other drafts in the forum, it will constantly fall back a page or two. If so, you can bump it.
  • Editing also takes a while, so please submit the issues at least a month before the deadline.
    This is one of the advantages of having multiple issues drafted. If one is submitted faster than the other, then it will likely be looked at faster. If one takes a longer time to edit, having two or three in the issues pool increases your chance to have one accepted issue by the deadline. [/list]

    Good luck and happy writing!
  • "Gloria in Terra"

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    Whaddya mean, there's no caek delivery down here?
    You can also join the Issues Discord server here and talk with other writers: https://discord.gg/MqzCPkw
    Edited by Atlae, Mar 11 2018, 09:51:21 PM.
    "Gloria in Terra"

    "The pronunciation of "Atlae" is /ætleɪ/. Don't you forget it." AND NOT ALTAE

    Maintainer of the "game streak," or posting on the whole first page of the game room.

    It's dark and lonely down here in TEP's server.
    All these banners
    TEP Positions
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    Lolita Goddess
    An excellent lecture as always ^_^

    Make sure you join the University chat too:


    (MOST important chat^)
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