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Silly Season begins in S1… Registration (1st round)

Teams and race tracks that participated in the 2023 season confirm if they remain in the championship for 2024.

Teams: must post in this thread at least once, and include the names, nationality, and gender, of their two drivers (or at least the two drivers who start the season, Metropol).

Race tracks: confirm they are returning by going to this spreadsheet, finding their track, and replacing the “TBD” with “Returning”. Please also update any race information (city, track name, sponsorships, etc.) if there are gaps in the spreadsheet.

New race tracks: can claim any of the Available tracks by adding race information and replacing the “Available” with “Claimed”. Please note the real-life locations of the tracks so you don’t accidentally claim a desert track for your tundra nation. N.B. nations that already have a grand prix on the calendar cannot claim a new one. RPers that already have a grand prix can, for one of their other nations. (Please be reasonable about this; there is no official limit on this but only in the Don’t Make Us Put Limits On This way.)

The first round of registration ends on Saturday February 3rd. Any existing teams and tracks who have not confirmed their place by then will be removed.

The second round of registration ends on Saturday February 24th.


After Soyer’s win in the 2023 Series One, Novia Racing announces that the team will be back for another season. Questions are in the air regarding their second driver, but for now, the team is back!

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Metropol’s Missing Mango

Metropol enters 2024 coming off of their best, albeit also their strangest, year in Series One. Having gone through a total of four drivers throughout the season Metropol yet again have one last surprise up their sleeves.

Magno “Mango” Matragrona, who came in from being a backup driver to a starter after Kasran is’Vaara’s injury late in the season, has seemingly gone off the radar. Having quickly become a fan favorite and a contender for a starting spot this year, he’s now seemingly completely vanished.

Metropol team manager, Oskar Hauge, has stated that they’ve failed to get in contact with Magno in any way, nor as anyone on the team seen him since the Sayqidi Grand Prix.

This leaves Metropol with an easy choice. The Nakosan, Leo Arnsten will be returning along with the West Borean Kasran Is’Vaara. Metropol promises that this year, their driver situation will be more stable than last year, we’ll see how long that lasts.

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Friendly Ride

“Alright, no stealing this time alright?” Sølvi gave a tired tone, lighting up a cigarette. Looking down at her little brother. “We’re in the main offices now, so be on your best behavior. Actually, be better than your best behavior.”

The small kemonomimi child kicked a nearby rock. “Yes Sølvi, I will be extra good.” He looks up at his sister. “Do I still have to wear this jacket? It’s stuffy.” He pulls at the collar of his school’s uniform jacket.

“Yes, it makes you look adorable and unassuming.” Sølvi took her little brother’s hand. “Never did ask you, how do you like the flight over here?”

“I was sleeping, Sølvi you were right next to me.” Roy gave a pouty tone, taking his sister’s hand as they crossed through the threshold of the sprawling office complex.

“Ah, yeah… That one is on me, forget about it.” Sølvi scratched the back of her head with her free hand. Still wearing her famous taxi cabbie jacket. “Alright, gotta sign in.” She approached the front desk. The tiefling woman behind the desk working away at the computer.

Roy stared in confusion at the strange looking woman, clinging closer to her sister’s body. The woman at the front desk noticed them. “Oh, Sølvi Ny’Aæn you don’t need to sign in. I have your new ID here.” The red skinned woman reached over on the desk to grab it.

“Yeah but I brought a little one with me.” Sølvi lifted up her little brother, tucking her hands under Roy’s arms. Lifting up like one would a cat to show the tiefling woman.

Roy didn’t speak Frakanic, but the lady at the front desk, sure as the Spirits are petty, spoke Nys’tat’en. The child tried to get out of her sister’s grip to get away from the scary looking woman. “Monster! Monster!” Roy cried out, fear filling his eyes as he looked at the horned creature. Sølvi calmly put down Roy at her side, rubbing the top of his head.

“Sorry, he’s not used to anything other than Kemonomimi, Elves and Ingenimi.” Sølvi gave an uncaring apology towards the tiefling woman. Taking a hold of his hand.

“That’s alright, I worked with Nystatinnes before.” The tiefling was unphased, grabbing a guest pass ID for him. Handing it over to Sølvi. “Keep a grip on him though, we’re practically a small international forum with how many different species are here.”

Roy hugged her big sister’s leg, gripping it tightly. Giving a fearful pur at the sight of a elf sized bird walking around with a briefcase and gave a wave over towards the pair. Sølvi spoke up, tucking the ID’s into her pocket. “Hey boss, doing good?” Boss being a figure of speech rather than actually being the boss.

Cava spoke up, “Living the dream, you’re renewing your contract?” He walked over to the pair.

“Yeah, yeah. Still not sure what to do with the money, but I am thinking of buying a fox to keep Roy company.” Sølvi spoke fluent Frakanic, but switched over to Nys’tat’en leaning down to Roy hugging her leg. “That’s the chief engineer, Mr. Bernard.”

“Why is your chief engineer a giant bird?” Roy didn’t stop looking at the Cava.

“He’s a Cava, there are different species like a elf or an Ingenimi.” Sølvi scratched the top of his head, looking over at the chief. Switching back over to Frakanic, “Sorry about him, he never saw a Cava before.”

“Strange places, with strange people tend to lead to strange feelings I suppose. After you renew your contract, come to the training room, let him take a spin in the simulator.” Mr. Bernard gave a flat tone. “I will adjust the seat and settings for him in the meantime.”

“Sounds like a plan, boss. We will be down there soon but get a seat ready for me too.” Sølvi gave a sly grin.

“You’re gonna make sure he doesn’t win?” Mr. Bernard gave a cheeky tone at that. His attitude perked up at that.

“Of course, it is all older siblings’ responsibility to absolutely crush their little siblings in video games.” The driver Kemonomimi gave a smirk and a wink to her chief engineer.

“It’s not a video game but I get your point. I won’t keep you up here, tell the actual boss the reports are ready when she wants to send somebody down to pick them up.” Cava gave an incredibly awkward wave goodbye, stepping away rapidly. Still making eye contact as he walked backwards into a pole, then turned around and walked past a door.

“Strange man that is, but come on. Gotta see the boss.” Sølvi shrugs her shoulders, prying off her little brother and taking him by the hand. “Let’s go take the elevator they actually work here.” She spoke in Nys’tat’en. Walking over to the fancy looking classroom elevator, Roy eyes switching over to look at the strange monster behind the front desk.

“Sølvi?” Roy clinged to her sister’s hand.

“Yeah?” Sølvi pushed a few buttons on the elevator.

Roy looked out of the elevator window, watching as they ascended upwards. “Why are you not freaked out by the walking spirits around?”

“They’re not spirits hon, they’re just people.” Sølvi still hasn’t put out her cigarette, still puffing away at it. “Took some time, but the more I worked with them, the less strange they seemed. Besides, getting scared for little kids who don’t get their work done at home done.” She gave a small laugh at her own joke.

“You mean homework?” Roy looked confused at his big sister. “I’m not a little kid, I’m a big kid.”

Sølvi lifted up her brother again, “Okay, then why can I lift you up so easily then?” She had a big bright smile on her face. Started to spin him around in the elevator.

“P-please put me down! W-we’re too high up Sølvi!” Roy panicked, his eyes widened.

She placed him down, ruffling his hair. “Yeah yeah, big scary high up. Come ‘ere, take a look around. It’s pretty up here.” Sølvi gently pressed her hand up against his back, pushing towards the glass but not up against it.

The view of the skyline of Collines-de-l’Ombre, in the mind of a child, was like a dream. Skyscrapers and office complexes breach the clouds and only add to the imagination of the fantastic land that is full of strange creatures. Even back home, in Neo-Fanton the streets covered in the tall complexes seemed daunting but now, he is so high up. They didn’t feel so weird so much, the twisting and turning streets of a neon city seemed only to pale in comparison to the tall buildings he sailed past in the elevator.

“Just wait until you see the view from the boss office. The woman got a view of the lake, the cheeky git.” Sølvi said with a grin. “Come on, ‘ere here.” She tucked her hands to her jacket’s pockets. “Stay close, no stealing.” The pair turned around to face opening elevator doors. Stepping through into a lounge and a woman at the front desk, Sølvi giving a brief wave to them and Roy sticking close to his big sister.

Stepping into the president’s office, not knocking of course. Just walking right in like an asshat. “Hey boss, got told I need to sign somethin’” Sølvi switched back to Frakanic. Mrs. Tonnesen, the company’s president, spoke with a flat tone. “You’re late and you didn’t knock again.”

Sølvi knocked at the open door. “I knocked now, so signing?” She walked forward towards the desk, Roy keeping right next to her.

“Alright, here the papers are and I got your signing bonus on my screen to be transferred.” Mrs. Tonnesen, being a very serious business woman, was not amused by the very unserious driver. Her voice carried her annoyance. “Ah, you brought your little brother along as well? Not gonna steal my phone again are you?” She switched over in Nys’tat’en to speak with the kemonomimi hiding behind his big sister.

As Sølvi was signing the contracts, Roy found the courage to speak up. “N-no, I-I won’t steal again Mrs. Tonnesen.” His arms hugging his sister’s leg.

“Good, good.” Mrs. Tonnesen dug through her half-circle desk to find the correct drawer, and stood up. Holding a small button in her hands. “Okay stay still now.” Roy stayed still, interested in what the button says and actually does. Half-believing it would make him into some sort of car based superhero. Mrs. Tonnesen pinned the little button onto his school’s collar.

“There you go.” Mrs. Tonnesen spoke in an accented Nys’tat’en, standing up straight. “Any questions about the contract Sølvi?”

“Spirits be blessed, this is just a stupid amount of money but I have no questions.” Sølvi gave a shrug, signing the contract. She can barely read, but she can read the amount she paid easily enough.

Mrs. Tonnesen spoke up, “You say that about every paycheck, thought you would be used to it by now.”

“I’m literally one of the richest in Nystatiszna through a salary, a bloody salary.” Sølvi shook her head. “Honestly, I just have been putting most of it away into charity work or into that fancy five year plan. I don’t know what to do with the rest of it outside of that.” She gave a shrug, lifting her little brother up. “Anything else boss?”

“No, that will be all. Thank you for your time. Next time, please make an appointment or at least knock.” The Gyllir president gave a sigh.

“I will try boss.” Sølvi gave a finger gun motion, and walked out of the room. Leaving the door open, much to the big boss’s annoyance. Heard down the hall, “Team Gyllir for the win!” Presumminly yelled by Roy, given Sølvi doesn’t do much yelling.

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“All I’m saying is that it wasn’t my fault.” Ylva said in a frustrated tone as she poured herself a small glass of vodka, mixing it with come Elvevann Cola.

“You ran over a dog.” Her manager said in an increasingly irritated tone glaring at her. Her manager was a tall darked haired elven man, wearing a dark green suit that she knew was from Nyveldian Eagle.

“Well. The owner should have kept it on a tighter leash.” Ylva shrugged her shoulders, taking a sip from her glass.

“For gods sake, Ylva!” The manager said in a loud tone as rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“What? The dog was running on the road, that’s the owner’s fault not mine.” She sat down on her sofa chair still not taking the topic as seriously as the manager had hoped she would do. Grabbing her remote to turn on the TV to watch a movie on Nordflix

“Are you only good at crashing into things?” The manager crossed his arms glaring down at her, not letting her be alone.

“Hey now. Would you be complaining as much If I was successful at crashing Kalming out of the race?” Ylva said with a smirk.

“Yes, Yes I fucking would.” The manager was not at all amused by her attitude.

“Fine. I’ll do better.” Ylva rolled her eyes as she put on a Nyveldian crime movie. She would have watched it with her sister if she was still here.

“Be happy that Erik is a fan of yours.” Her manager shook her head as he put on his coat as he opened the door, stopping right before walking out. Looking back at her. “But If you don’t bring results, then you will be fired. Understood?”

“Yeah, Yeah. Can you let me be now?” She looked down at her glass, seeing the reflection of her face. Seeing her slim attractive face with dark eyeliner and her dark braided hair with red highlights looking back. Dark eyeshadow as well, many have said she looked more like a model than a race driver. Though in all honesty, she wouldn’t be a good model. She was terrible at wearing heels, and likely started a fight with one of the other models. As she heard footsteps of her manager finally leaving her house, she grabbed her glass and finished it in one go.

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Amanar Gone for Good

After the seemingly deliberate collision performed by Amanar in last year’s Series One West Borean Grand Prix, Watervalley Autosports has decided not to renew his contract for the new season.

This comes as a shock to all, since Amanar was the better of the two Watervalley racers, and was the fifth best driver at the start of the 2023 season. People took to social media to shame the company for getting rid of what people say was their “star driver”.

Watervalley released this information on their Pigeon account (post seen below), before releasing a full written statement on their website a few days after the post. In this statement they stated that they released Amanar for “unsportsmanlike behavior”.

After this Pigeon post was made the company updated their team’s driver roster on their website. Here they stated that Czesława Pajor will remain a driver, and in the place of Amanar his 2023 season replacement Sylwia Kaczmarek will be driving. This has created a lot of backlash, as many people prefer Amanar to Kaczmarek, even with her immediate podium position in the Aszar Grand Prix.

We will update this article as more information is released on this situation.


Tamradh Monsal’s Return to the Foray!

Tamradh Monsal left the 2023 season with a record of continuous lackluster performance. Despite this, revenues remained stable enough for another season, especially with the signing of a new sponsorship by Dáiras Group’s Entertainments Division.

A new year comes with new contracts, however, as backlash over concerns of lackluster performances has led to the decision not to renew contracts with Eumann Tiridh, and Ceana Siosal. Instead, contracts have been signed in quick succession with Cidhearai Seilvéinís Ibenholt, and Ealasaid Thàmhais.

Hailing from Costalan, Ibenholt’s a well-remembered name to followers of the Rein Series, and, by far, its most successful driver of the decade, having consecutively won the 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons. The 22-year-old has enjoyed spirited growth towards stardom since his first win in the 2018 Trinterian Construction Championship and now finds himself replacing the seat left vacant by his predecessors’ retirement.

Along with Ibenholt comes the 23-year old Aeterite Ealasaid Thàmhais who runs the gamut of high-speed, high-risk racing with his adventures in the Rein Series (notably against Eumann Tiridh in 2019), and his triumph in the 2022 Trinterian Series Championship and Pótsa Motorworks’ 2022 Cúnasaard Series.

TMF director Aeron Tarthidh – the outfit’s team principal – said: “Considering the last season’s lackluster performances, Tamradh Monsal acknowledges our drivers’ high points. Considering the investments and efforts made, as well as the memories we’ve created in the past, tumultuous year, it wasn’t very pleasant to see them go. Nevertheless, we’re committed to greater goals this season, and I’m certain that our new drivers will deliver as hoped."

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S1 news from Blueacia:
Spiiker Squadron:
Both the Blueacian teams will return to the S1 championship. Ofcourse Spiiker is gonna return, fans always say S1 ain’t happening without the historic team. But Dennis himself said that Spiiker would have a difficult time without S1 if the carbrand was even able to survive at all. Coming first in the team championship Dennis decided to “not change a winning team”. Dennis however said that "to have the best chance of winning both titles this time. We decided that Kalming will be our first driver from the start of the season, and we won’t wait for the summerbreak to decide who it is gonna be. Noxal at first wasn’t happy by this but he was promised a hefty bonus as well if Kalming were to become the driver champion and Spiiker would become the team champion.
Both Kalming and Noxal both have another season on their contract after this year. Speculations already have surfaced that other teams are trying to get the drivers to join their team. The ambition of Dennis is clear the season is only a success when we at least get one of the 2 titles available for us.

Hi-OH Marchitelli Falcon:
Normally it would be a struggle for Marchitelli to even finish a season let alone start a new one. But they have been on the grid ever since the mid-90’s. Since last year they signed Niki Strauss and got money from his personal sponsor Hi-OH. Joining this season therefor wasn’t a struggle at all. Ofcourse Niki Strauss stayed with the team it’s his last year with the team on his contract but he and Marchitelli decided to add an option for a 3rd season in the contract. Pedro Wilson will also remain with the team as the seasoned driver. He truly believed this could be the break-through season of Marchitelli and he wants to be part of it. Wilson is on his last year of the contract and he was quoted “I will decide later in the season if I will stay with the team or where my future will be.” Marchitelli will drive with a new livery this season. The green is mostly gone but not completely. This season the team will drive with a mostly white and pink livery per the wish of Hi-OH

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This is HBS News, from the sports section:

Today, following plans to enter the Series One grid, Heppenheimer automobile giant Preschten has announced the buyout of MetroCiv Cosmos Racing.
An deal estimated in SH$26M, Preschten marks their return to the Series One grid; the last time they made an appearance was in 1993, supplying engines for the Futwerk team, however, the deal fell through after the V12 engine proved unideal.
It’s also the first time they have a works grid since 1962, when Concordian Daniel Guernsey won the Cotôis Grand Prix.
Following good appearances on the UEC until they retired in 2017, Preschten president Olivier Blumenia said that “Now it’s time we burst the bubble and become even more prominent. Our brand will have much more exposition and personally, it’s a project we have been interested for a while.”
Peter-Wilhelm Mendelssohn has been announced as one of the drivers, having won the 150 e-Miles of Blumenberg recently; the second seat is vacant, though Blumenia said “we want a foreign driver on the second seat so we can expand our image on the global market”.

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Qualifying results:

Pole: 1. NYA 2. EDZ 3. WIL 4. SAE 5. FØR
Q3: 6. SOY 7. KAL 8. ØTS 9. ISV 10. NOX
Q2: 11. KAC 12. INT 13. ARN 14. STR 15. AÏT
Q1: 16. PAJ 17. MEN 18. EDI 19. THÀ 20. IBE

2024 Staynish Grand Prix | Highlights

Qualifying results:

Pole: 1. NYA 2. SOY 3. EDZ 4. ØTS 5. KAL
Q3: 6. NOX 7. SAE 8. ISV 9. FØR 10. ARN
Q2: 11. EDI 12. INT 13. PAJ 14. KAC 15. AÏT
Q1: 16. STR 17. WIL 18. MEN 19. THÀ 20. IBE

Qualifying results:

Pole: 1. SOY 2. NYA 3. NOX 4. EDZ 5. ØTS
Q3: 6. KAL 7. SAE 8. FØR 9. KAC 10. ISV
Q2: 11. ARN 12. INT 13. AÏT 14. THÀ 15. WIL
Q1: 16. STR 17. PAJ 18. MEN 19. EDI 20. IBE

Qualifying results:

Pole: 1. NYA 2. SOY 3. ØTS 4. ISV 5. FØR
Q3: 6. SAE 7. ARN 8. INT 9. KAC 10. AÏT
Q2: 11. EDZ 12. STR 13. NOX 14. KAL 15. WIL
Q1: 16. PAJ 17. THÀ 18. MEN 19. EDI 20. IBE

Qualifying results:

Pole: 1. SOY 2. INT 3. ØTS 4. EDZ 5. KAL
Q3: 6. NYA 7. NOX 8. SAE 9. ISV 10. AÏT
Q2: 11. ARN 12. KAC 13. FØR 14. WIL 15. STR
Q1: 16. PAJ 17. EDI 18. THÀ 19. MEN 20. IBE