A Grand Ol' Time OOC

Vekaiyu fully expects nations to attend their glorious ball!

Hmmm… I suppose I should get back into RPing, so I’ll go.

I think I posted like 3 posts total about my nations, so I’m just scrapping my previous backstory and starting fresh. XD

That’s fine. That’s typically called ‘retconning’ but since your nation’s new and hasn’t been interacted with much that should be fine.

The empress will! Though, she might not be so much of a, how shall I say, royalty. She speaks mostly like an ambassador, because of her previous experience in her travels, and her conducts, may be a little liberal.

That’s basically how I’m gonna (try to) RP her, and, she’d be bringing her most trusted aide and security guard too.
(Though, given, that I don’t have much of character depth, so I’d like to see how my characters, and my writing grows over time)

That’s perfectly fine. Best characters are developed out of the RP and not by some heavy-laden background information lol.

Either way, gonna start this ball thing some time this week.

I guess you won’t be surprised, if there won’t be any Lazlowians present. After all, you have to take the strained relations between the two countries into consideration.

@Todd Aye, thanks. I’m usually scared to go into some of the more advanced RPs because they usually have so much information laid out, that it would dwarf anything I could come up with in the moment. Though there are few, there are RPs by the more experienced players that doesn’t require too much information, just some participation and adherence to the rules.

I’m going to try to get a representative or two from Laiatan over to Vekaiyu - Kreskov’s busy with the SITO summit, so I suppose I can send the Vice President over, develop him some. Still working out the details on that.

That’s fine. I hope to start things up either tomorrow or Saturday. Just depends on what I can get done in between reactions tomorrow

I’d like to have someone attend, if that’s alright?

Warning: My RPs sometimes have a bit of satire and comedy in them. Not always, but sometimes.

Just thought I’d warn you. xD (I’ll try not to though)

— Begin quote from ____

I’d like to have someone attend, if that’s alright?

— End quote

Yup that’s fine. Assume that the message was sent to all world leaders.

Feel free to RP attendants taking coats and doing general servile things. Any q’s don’t hesitate to ask.

Since I’m going home (where internet is not a guarantee), I might not be able to keep up as much, if at all. If I can post though, I will. If I can’t, well, we’ll deal with it when that actually happens. Hate to retcon something I worked hard to come up with.

May I bow in? I’d like a couple of characters that’d been popping around in my head to come out and play.

Of course