A new chapter in my life

Greetings East Pacificans. I am an immigrant from the North Pacific. I used to be a reporter for the TNP communications ministry. But the immaturity got the best of me. Barred from any TNP offshore resources till 18, I decided to see other regions and stay at one until this exact day: 7th January 2020, 4 pm Greenwich Mean Time. I am here for a plethora of reasons of which I will place in bullet form:

  1. You guys have a well established democratic governance system

  2. Most TNPers agreed that you guys are kinda OK

  3. This seemed like a place where I do not necessarily to make two alter egos, just one personality with a bit of my mouth filtered

  4. Your system is very similar to that of a Middle School Student Council’s, give or take a few things.

I hope to enjoy the time I have here with intellectual conversations and progressing on my knowledge on Inter-regional knowledge on executive positions