A new flag, if it isn't any trouble

Greetings from Hellrazors.

I would like to get a new flag for my nation and I have heard that you are the best people to ask about this. Specifically I would like a flag that is the Polish flag, but on the flag I would like a picture of a boot kicking a naked butt. If anyone remebers the Simpsons episode where they go to Australia they had a flag of Australia that had the boot kicking the butt. That is pretty much what I wish, but to have it done on the Polish flag!

Many thanks to you, and I look forward to seeing the design.

Gen. Patton

something tells me the mods will not approve of such a flag.

Ahh. Well it doesn’t have to be a naked butt of course. That would be pushing it.
what about a boot kicking a guy in the seat? would that be acceptable?

Actually, I’m not sure… I’d make it if I had any free hand skills (I can do straight lines and gradients on ms paint, ex. my flag was done all free hand).

Well, thats alright, you can scrap that idea.
But how about this one?
I would like to keep the polish flag idea, but there
is one with the polish eagle on it. It’s a white eagle on
a red background. that is like the coat of arms for Poland.
It is situated on the white part of the flag.
well, in the eagle’s claws I would like an AK-47 in one claw
and a missile in the other. On the eagle’s head I would like
an army helmet instead of the crown.
I hope this one would be more acceptable.
Thanks again for letting me know!

General Patton

How’s This:

Thank you very much! It rocks!
You guys are the best!!!

Thanks again!

General Patton