A New Member

Hey everyone!

Kinda new here, played before but left due to not having time in the game so back a second time around. I was: PBC (if anyone remembers me?)

Anyway, seems likes nothing has changed so yer, what can I do to help?

God Bless,
The Knights Templarios

Sorry about the double post, but just wondering if there is a ‘foreign office’ (as I can’t seem to see one on the forums) to deal with issues such as security, communication with other regions outside the UN and outside established routes, and such other issues. If this department doesn’t exist, I would be happy to help set one up?



Do you want to do foreign work (IE: be an ambassador to another region) or UN related work (IE: host forum debates on the resolution at vote)? We’ve a department handling each and could use employees in either, I do think.

Though, honestly, Gnidrah is the person to ask, not me…I’m just the Viceroy, he’s the Delegate.


Thanks for the offers and will think about them. Will ask PM Gnidrah and see what he thinks. Thanks!