A Typical Hello

Sarcasnia here. May as well get the basics out- fifteen year old female Minnesotan here. I have played NS since 05 but inactivity in the last year made my nations deleted and I decided to start anew.

I never was very active in any part of NS so I’m hoping to change that now. So hi and don’t mind the penguins dancing in the corner…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Sarcasnia and welcome to The East Pacific.

We will watch out for your penguins. Just be careful of the Fridge Owl Menace. they tend to… fertilize indiscriminately. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592180.5087-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Penguin owl hybrids…eek


That’s not what I meant. But now that you have put that idea in my head, the region should prepare for hordes of overly amorous fridge owls.

Hi! Great to see another Minnesotan, I thought it was devoid of NSers out on these cold plains.

I wonder what the introduction of penguins to our fragile freakish-creature ecosystem will do. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592182.6772-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592184.5349-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592180.5087-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592184.6998-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.5641-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.9788-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.4266-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.7566-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.587-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.709-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
Time will tell.

Soon they shall take over. ahem And another Minnesotan indeed. Haven’t seen many myself either. But then again, people could be too busy shovelling snow.

welcome. I will get to your assimilation soon.

Whoops, sorry to bring up my old thread but just thought to add, my nation here is now Earthly Heaven, not Sarcasnia.

Quite alright. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: