A Vestravan Storm Is Brewing

22:35, 1st October 1370 ADN (2020), Commander Office, Jotungrad, Helslandr

The noise of a fist hitting a desk could be heard, from a man sitting behind his desk, the hand of his being pale. Though that could not be seen because of the man’s black leather gloves. The man in question that did it was Lord Commander Telve Kvirkdelen, which the man’s eyes glared on the person in front of him. His face was covered with small scars from past battles and his eyes was that of light blue.
“Brother, why did you do it?” Telve said glaring at his younger brother, Tirlid. Who was faking a shocked expression.
“What?! Me? would never!” Tirlid stated in over dramatic tone wearing his usual camouflaged military uniform. "You think so little of me, brother? I am so huuuurt.” Tirlid said in a taunting tone.
Telve stood up in anger his chair feel to his side as he did so and reached over his desk to grab his brother’s uniform. Fist tightly holding into it. “Do not play games with me Tirlid, my brother, the only reason why the commander assembly has tolerated you is on my behest” Telve said his light blue eyes glaring into his younger brother’s red eyes. Their clothes contrasted like their eyes, while Tirlid wore uniform ready for battle Telve wore the grey ceremonial uniform for, his station something Tirlid has commented on being to ‘royal’ in his taste. Tirlid for the first since forever also glared at Telve, and for at least a good ten seconds before Tirlid gave out a sigh.
“Big brother you know my beliefs, so why are you even asking me?” Tirlid said, his voice confused by Telve’s questioning. Of which the older brother let go of Tirlid’s uniform and gave out a sigh.
“I should have elaborated my question, why now?” Telve said, as he picked up his chair and sat back into it. “You know very well that if Norgsveldet’s government finds out you made agreements with that terrorist group, they going to put you head on a platter”
“They not going to know.” Tirlid shrugged his shoulders as he gave a playful smirk at Telve. “After all my awesome big brother, has been available to cover my tracks before, after all I killed that nekomimi politician which no one being available to know!” Tirlid said his voce cheerful.
“I am not going to cover for you anymore.” Telve said his voice silent though not shaken. On which Tirlid looked down on him shocked.
“W-w-what?!” Tirlid voice was shaken and angered, his feelings mixing fear, betrayal and anger all in one.
“I said that I will not cover for you anymore.” Telve said again, clearer and louder. Tirlid was about to speak before Telve interrupted him. “I can not continue to cover for you, I do not want my head to be besides your on that platter”. He said as he put on his reading glasses and took up a pen that was besides a picture of him and nekomimi general Ylva Kattdalen.
“So, they have rotten your mind as well, huh?” Tirlid said as he crossed his arms. As he looked from the picture and to his brother.
“What are you talking about?” Telve said as he looked back up to his brother.
“The nekomimi, they corrupted you mind. Seducing you. You not thinking right, but if you let me I can get rid of that seductress on tha-“. Before Tirlid could continue he saw a Glock being pulled out by Telve, the enraged glare from him made Tirlid understand. His brother did no longer care about his life. Small second of sadness could be seen on Tirlid’s face before he gave an annoyed sigh. “Fine, I leave you be then, brother.” And with that Tirlid walked out of the officer, shutting the door hard behind him.
Telve gave out a sigh, as he looked outside instead of doing his paperwork. Rain hammering down on his office window, and thunder could be heard. “
A storm was brewing.

13:00, 5th October 1370 ADN (2020), Tatiana’s Cafe, Varghallen, Helslandr

Sound of a sigh left the lips of a feminine hooded figure, by the corner of a small cafe could be heard. As she looked out the window on her left, while she picked up her cup and took a sip from the liquid inside it. Her fingers taping on the wooden table infront of her, having little patience left. Her eyes, that of yellow, looked at the watch on her left wrist. Of which made her increase taping on the wooden table. 
“Where is that, man?” she said outloud to herself annoyed, though as she said that, she saw an elven man holding an umbrella, which she saw through the window seeing him walking to the cafe’s doors. Small smile gathered on her lips as she saw him, and the taping on the wooden table was replaced by her with her playing with hair strings from her long brown hair that was sticking out from the hood.  As the door to the cafe opened the elven man that she saw from the window, having long black hair, light blue eyes and wearing a long light grey coat with Helslandr flag being pinned to its right chest and a typical black and white suit underneath the coat. His tie however not being as straight as it is normaly, or well what is considered normal to that man atleast. With him holding his collapsed umbrella, in his right hand, the elven man looked over the cafe seats, seeing how empty it is, except for the two yellow eyes that was looking at him from the corner of the cafe. On which a smile formed on his face, as he walked over to the hooded woman and sat across her.

“Hell-” the man started with a smile, before he was interupted. Specificaly of the woman across him boping his nose.

“I thought you elves arrived early” the woman said with a little smirk on her face, as her hand withdraw to her after she quickly boped the mans nose.

“I would argue that we arrive preciesly when we mean too” the elven man said with an amused smile on his face, from the small antic of the woman across him. Which the hooden women rolled her eyes at the man’s response, though her smile never wavered.

“You were still 15 minutes late for our date~” she said teasingly at him. Which made the man sigh a bit, and small nervous laughter coming from him.

“Yes, yes i know… I guess I would have to order you something, for me to get your forgiveness?” he said with sarcasm in his voice, though when he saw the bright smile on the woman’s face he realised that she was now going to hold him on that. “Alright what do you want?”

“An hot chocolate with wiped cream, also the strawberry chocolate caek” she said smiling sweetly at the man. Which the man gave a sigh, though with a little smile still on his lips, as he ordered from the waitress that was close by. Ordering himself some black coffee and a caek to himself as well.

“Your smile is almost as sweet as your sweet tooth” he said teasingly as their eyes met, and contrasting well between the blue and yellow eyes looking into eachother. Though she rolled her eyes at the corny line that came from the man across her.

“And this is your 15th time using that line this year” woman said jokinly.

“Less then last year atleast” he countered

“And we still have two more months” she quickly commented back, small laughter came from the both of them. As the waitress came forth with two cups, putting the hot chocolate to the woman and the black coffee to the man. The hooded woman pulled down her hoodie even further down to cover her face more so that the waitress could see it as well. The waitress also put down two plates of caek, one was dark chocolate one with a line of strewberry cream being inside the caek. The other caek was red and red brown chocolate caek. Though as she placed the plates down, the waitress tried to get a better view of the hooded woman, but turned her attention the man at once when he spoke. Him having his card raised.

“All is on me” the elven man said looking at waitress with a gentle smile,

“Ah yes ofcourse, my lord!” she said nervously and took the card quickly placed the order on the elven man’s card before giving it quickly back to him and bowed to him. “Sorry, for being so slow mister Kvirkdelen” she saidly before quickly hurrying off to the cashier. The man only sighed and shook his head as he looked back over to the woman across him. As he put his hands over hers, and gently rubed them.

“I am sorry, that you have to hide like that with me” the man said with clear genuin sadness in his voice as his blue eyes looked clearly at the woman’s eyes. Though he saw her had shaking side to side, as she gave an reinsured smile back at him.

“Telve, my sweetie, you have nothing to feel sorry for. If i have to hide my face like this in public to spend time with you then thats completly fine.” she said sweetly, on which Telve gave her a gentle smile back. For a while they just stood there looking into eachother holding hands for some might seem forever, though clear romantic feeling with it all, they both gave small glances at their cakes. Though they could look at eachother forever they both really wanted that caek. So they both broke the eye contact and took their forks to take a piece of their respectful cakes. Though when the woman finnished hers earlier she tried to take a piece from Telve’s he stopped her attempts with his own fork. Stating “mine” everytime he pushed away her fork. After Telve finnished his caek, he tok a sip from his cup before he looked back at the woman across him again, smiled at her though she pouted for him denying her more caek.

“So how has life been treating you Ylva?” Telve asked curious

“Well since we here trying to get away from work, i can say this time, that atleast it is doing better. My sister gotten recently married by the way.” the woman said with a fond smile, which Telve could not help but smile when he saw her do so. “How about you?”

“Well my brother has been… especialy annoying”  Telve said annoyed before the woman interpurated .

"Honey no talk about work, you estentialy have to baysitt him all the time, so i don’t think mentioning him helps with the no work thing.

As such they spoke there for an atleast an hour and finnaly drinked up from what they had in their cups.

“It has been a wonderfull date Telve.” she said with genuine happiness as she hugged his arm as they walked out of the cafe.

“And it is not over…” Telve said with one last suprise to the girl he has been dating for the last few years.

14:45, 5th October 1370 ADN (2020) Veilik Street, Varghallen, Helslandr

As the pair walked the street, under Telve’s umbrella as it has been raining heavily. With Ylva standing close to Telve. Though she was wearing a dark blue hoodie it was not much protection for the rain. Even shivering a little, of which Telve took notice and could not help but give a little smirk. As he put his own coat over Ylva. “I thought i told you to wear pratical clothin in case of bad weather, yet you still decided to wear a skirt. Tsk, tsk, tsk” Telve said while shaking his head side to side faking disapointment. On which Ylva rolled her eyes. “Oh hush you! And i am wearing leggings so it is not that bad!” her voice annoyed, as she gave a playfull punch on Telve’s shoulder.

“Oh is that so? Well then i guess i could take back my coat” Telve said playfully as his right reached for the edge of his coat, before he got a hiss from Ylva as an response. On which he just smirked at her, while she gave an pout. As the pair walked down the street the more they noticed the silence of it all. People on the street was mourning, if people was crying it could not be seen as the rain camoflaged the tears on people’s faces. Telve breathed in as he prepared himself what was going to happen, Ylva has wanted to pay respect to those involved in the terrorist attack. It was probly best doing it when you have someone you love by your side to deal with the pain. As they walked to their destination Telve felt, Ylva’s hand grasping around his. She did not expect Telve to walk to where she now realised they walking. Especialy considering Telve’s position. As they finnaly arrived, they saw the ruins of an temple, as burned clothin and wood liter the ground. Infront of the ruins, was pictures of the victims and flowers, from red roses to white summer flowers next to them. An tear trailed Ylva’s cheek. Seeing it all.

“I pray to Odin, that he leads them to Valhalla” she said as she wiped away her tears. Destruction of holysites are the worst crimes she knows about. Though he notices Telve kneeling down, picking something up, as she walked next him she saw it was a teddy bear, with it having been burned from the fire that came from the explosion and got dirited even more from what she would have to guess was people running over it during the panic. Though Telve was silent through it all. Which then stood up walked to the memorial, then put the teddy bear down next to the other flowers and pictures, specificaly one of a little girl scout with a teddy bear being held by her. On which Telve then put out a white rose, and said a Norgsveltian prayer. “Allfader gi meg makten og visdom til å akseptere det jeg ikke kan forandre, og styrken til å redde andre, og viss ikke det. Viss veien for dem til Valhall. Odin vitne dem!” and with those words he put tjhe white rose on the teddy bear. Only then did he finnaly let tears go from his face, as he fell to his knees. With Ylva standing in knee next to him. Telve’s mind was filled with several depressing thoughts only helped with Ylva putting her hand on his shoulder. It was an weird feeling for him, he was meant to go there to help Ylva get through the pain, but it now is reversed. He could not help it, when he saw the teddy bear, it reminded him of his own childhood, oh so long ago that was. He remembered him and his brother playing football in this very street when the temple was getting constructed. He remember his mother pushing him and his brother to the temple on the Day of Winter, and Nori’s Day. How his brother rarely ever kept awake during it all, for the embarsment for their mother. He remember his father talking proudly of his company helping the construction of the temple and many many more memories. It is now in ruin, and worst of all, he has failed a friend.

“It is all my fault” he said in sarrow

On which Ylva steped infront of him and took of her hoodie, showing her brown nekomimi ears, kissing him on his forehead. 
“It never was, and never will be” she said holding him.

16:00, 8th October 1370 ADN (2020), Kommandørtinget (Commander Assembly), Jötungrad, Helslandr

“This is an utter disgrace!” yelled white haired elven man with red eyes, the man wearing dark grey camouflaged army uniform, with dark green armband with a black star on it. Symbol use by the Helslandr’s paramilitary organisation Ironfront. The man was glaring across the room towards a brown haired nekomimi women dressed in dark blue uniform that belonged to Helslandr’s special forces, while also wearing a matching beret that had golden crown symbol, who was equaly glaring back. “You can not seriously allow Norgsveltian inteligance service be allowed on these lands! No, no, no I won’t allow that!” he yelled his arms wide in anger, as his supporters behind him aplauding, while members in the assembly behind the nekomimi woman yelled insults towards the elven man. Telve pinched the bridge of his nose from his seat that was facing the assembly. Him sitting in the Lord’s Seat having listened to the rants of his brother for atleast seventeen minutes now. Wearing his light grey Commander uniform with dark red leather line around his chest. While wearing an grey naval officer hat, with the symbol of an golden rifle in the front of it. The Helslandr flag hanged from the wall behind him. With an sigh Telve raised his hand to make the assembly quiet down, as the room slowly quieted down he then waved at the Nekomimi women allowing her to speak, before he put down his arm again.

“And how it is a disgrace mister Tirlid? Why you so called ‘nationalists’ complaining about this? With this we can find out who is responsible for allowing the Army of Progress attacking our countrymen!? Children died because of that terrorist attack!” the woman said loudly though not yelling like her counterpart of Tirlid. “We should accept help when we can, or are you afraid your faction might be in on it?” the woman taunted with an smirk on her face, as she knew clearly how the otherside was going to react. Tirlid eyes wide in suprise but was fueled with rage and was about run toward her before two of his supporters held him back by his shoulders. Stating to Tirlid “Don’t get provoked by those degenerate monarchists!”. With the nekomimi woman’s supporters behind her laughing from the reaction of the nationalist leader.

Which again, Telve had to raise his hand to quiet down the assembly again. With him this time waving to another man with short blonde hair, an human, to stand up to represent him and his supporters, that sat between the nationalists and monarchist in the assembly. The only reason why tensions never end up in violence between the monarchits and nationalists was because they were in the middle. The man wearing square glasses while wearing an normal dress suit like that of a business man with the only exception of the armband that he was wearing on his right arm that was coloured in tricolour of yellow, blue and purple. Colours of Vestravan Republicanism. 
“While i do not exactly agree with my nationalist counterparts here they do bring up the issue of what can be a threat to our nation’s soverignthy, infact i much rather work with Eyjaria’s inteligence service. In fact this issue is an Vestravan issue, as such me and my supporters are willing to accept the proposal of allowing the Norgsveltian Inteligence Service to help, if it is in oversight of the Vestravan Essential Security Treaty.” the man stated profesionaly with his supporters yelling hear hear behind him. “If that sounds fine with Miss Kattdalen?” he stated has he looked at nekomimi women. For a minute of thinking she looked back at the man and nodded in agreement. With that Telve rose from his seat.

“With the power this assembly has given me, I Lord Commander Telve Kvirkdelen, will readjust the propasal of what mister Steinler Osgvelder has proposed, and the voting of the proposal shall be held. As always I will remind, that I my vote is worth 10 seats.” Telve spoke his voice was clear and deep as he looked over the assembly, noticing the glare coming from his brother. After all the ballots was gather from the assembly members, Telve himself counted them. 31 votes from Natonalists all with them stating nay. Next was the Republicans, with 7 being blank and 24 stating aye. The monarchists vote being 31, all its members voting aye. Next was the Lord Commander who voted aye. As such in total the vote passed with 31 nays, 7 abstains, 65 ayes. “With that I declare this meeting over!” stated Telve. 
In anger nationalist leader Tirlid Kvirkdelen, moved from his seat to leave, but Tirlid stopped at the door. He gave an quick glare at Telve, before he turned his eyes towards Steinler. “For so called ‘Republicans’ you guys make to many deals with monarchists, I suggest you figure out where you want to stand mister Osgvelder” Tirlid stated before he left the room rest of his nationalists allies doing the same. Steinler only raised an eyebrow in confusion from the situsation. Though his supporters also raised from their seats. With a sigh he readjusted his glasses before he walked behind his other members, giving an respectful bow to Telve. 
After all the republicans left the room it was the monarchists members turn to raise themselves from their seats, but their leader Ylva Katterdalen remaining in the room. Though the other monarchist members was bit confused they left as the same, with some of the members giving a quick salute to Telve, which he nodded and smiled back at them. Though with all now out it was just Telve and Ylva in the large assembly room. With an smile Telve, walked down from platform his seat was on and walked towards Ylva giving her an warm smile. Which she gave back with her own small smile. She looked around to see if anyone could be watching, before she gave Telve a quick kiss on his cheek. Though suprised for a second he simply shook his head amused, before he offered his hand on which she rolled her eyes for Telve’s gentlemen behavior, but grabbed it anyway. As he he accompanied her to the way out hand in hand, as they walked out off the doors and into a large room, with one door leading out of the building and another leading to an hallway that will lead to Telve’s officer

As they walked down to the hallway, Tirlid has been watching them from a corner, having not walked out of the building but rather decide leaning back and stay hidden in a corner. His red eyes glaring at Ylva. 
“I swear. She and her people will pay for this…” he stated before he walked out of the building

21:05, 10th October 1370 ADN (2020), Unknown location, Varghallen, Helslandr

Tirlid streched his arms as he left out a yawn, as he also wiped away some sweat from his brow. While also straightening his uniform, his long white hair being a mess.

“Tired?” asked a brown haired woman who had equaly as messy hair. She stood next to him, while straightening her dark green uniform from the Hirdine that she got from the Iron Front paramilitary. “I thought the fører was supposed to have more punch in him then this?” she stated in a teasing voice with a smirk on her face, as she wiped out sweat that dripped down to her cheek

“Oh shut it, I handled it better then you!” Tirlid stated as he put his hands on his hips and cracked his back, groaning as he did so. “Not to mention i am older then you, Peline. So do not expect me to have the best stamina.” Tirlid stated as he took of his grey leather gloves that was covered by red stains. Walked over to a sink and turned on the crane and started to clean off the stains from the gloves.

“Yeah, yeah blame your age.” Peline said tauntingly with a hand on her hip, as her other hand fiddled with a army knife. “Thought you elves was supposed to have good stamina or some shit with your extended life.” With her not giving up on her taunting and irksome attitude, Tirlid gave out a sigh.

“First of, our stamina is very overexaggerated. Second i am 114 year old elf not an 50 year old one, you would not compare to me 60 years ago. And finnaly, third.” Tirlid stated he gave a glare towards the browned haired woman over his shoulder with his red eyes having clear anger in them “I am not in the mood in playing games, Peline. So how about you go being a good Secretary and brew me some coffe, alright?” Tirlid voice being filled with venom as he gave out a sweet smile. Which scartled her making her drop her knife. With an nervous cough Peline simply nodded quickly, giving a nervous “Yes sir!” before she walked to another room to brew some coffee. With that Tirlid finnaly gave out a sigh, as he took out the gloves from the sink and shaked them dry. As he thought back about his brother, about their time as soldiers in the Union Army. How Telve took bullet in his back during the Frilandr Civil War, to this day Tirlid did not know how Telve surived that, but he did. Like he always somehow did. His older brother always saved him, though it does not seem Telve was willing to do that anymore. That is fine, he can take care of himself after all. If anything it was Tirlid’s turn to save his brother. Tirlid thoughts however was broken from the cough of someone laying on the floor. Of which made Tirlid groan annoyed. As he looked at a dwarven man trying to crawl away, blood leaving a trail on the wooden floor. The dwarven man’s black hair being covered in blood from a ‘small’ crack on his skull. Tirlid gave out an annoyed sigh as he put on his grey leather gloves again, and crouched down to pick up the knife that Peline left on the floor. As Tirlid stepped over several corpses, of well dressed men from elven to human, that was armed with glocks. As Tirlid walked up stand infront of the crawling dwarf, he crouched down and pulled the dwarf by his hair, which gave an scared grunt come from the dwarf, all to force the dwarf to look up at Tirlid. His blue eyes looked horrified at Tirlid, his lips starting to shiver as he started to speak.

“P-p-please Tirlid leave me a-a-alone, i p-promise i will leave the Republicans! H-hell i could try convincing mister Osgvelder to ally you guys! Just please allow me to surive!” the dwarven man begged with tears in his eyes. Tirlid looked down at the man, then put a finger to his cheek. As he seemed to ponder the question, of which gave slight hope in the eyes of the dwarf. Was Tirlid going to accept the idea? No. No he was not. With an snarky smirk on his lips Tirlid plunged his knife on the dwarf’s left shoulder blade while shaking it around in it making the dwarf scream.

“You know for the head adviser for mister Osgvelder, you had some very bad security!” Tirlid said as he nodded towards the corpses of security guards. “Did he not think you dwarfs was worth the extra protection?” his voice was playfull and taunting as he red eyes seemed to looked through the dwarfs soul. The dwarf attempted to talk but shut up from Tirlid, moving along with his knife again. “I don’t blame him, you shorties does take up to much space despite your short frames.” The dwarf tried to spit blood at Tirlid’s face as a resort, but it landed only at Tirlid’s uniform. Which only made Tirlid smirk drop, as he looked at his uniform and the blood stains there. Giving out a sigh. “This is going to be hell to clean.” he stated as he pulled out the knife from the dwarf’s shoulder and placed it towards his throat instead. It was then Tirlid saw the dwarf weaing a golden necklace. Of which Tirlid looked intriged at it. Seeing the special dwarven runes on it, and noticed it had button on its side, as it was something special in the necklace. Taking away the knife from the dwarfs throat a second, though still holding the dwarf up by the hair, his ripped off the necklace from the dwarf’s neck. As he did so he saw the dwarf’s eyes widen. “Oh” Tirlid said with an raised eyebrow. “Its something special is it not?”  Though he was answered with silence. Though despite that Tirlid gave an smirk, he knew very well the dwarf would not react the way he did if it was not thanks to it. “Well, no reason to beat around the stick anymore.” Tirlid stated in a matter affect before he slowly slit the dwarf’s throat, the blood spilling all over the knife. Which only then did Tirlid lose the grip of the now dead dwarfs hair. Making the head fall face in towards the floor. Tirlid stood up finnaly as he looked at inntrest towards the necklace he held in his right hand. “Now what could this be?” he said outloud to himself thinking over it.

“It looks like a necklace to me.” Peline voice said in joking matter as she held two coffee cups in her hands, as she gave a gentle smile towards Tirlid. Of which he rolled his eyes though walked up next to Peline, and took his coffee cup. As he took a sip from the cup and gave out a blissfull sigh. With a smile forming on his face. “You in a better mood now?” Peline asked to tease a bit, as he looked at Tirlid with a serene smile.

“I am in a much better mood.” Tirlid said honestly.

“Is it because of the coffee or killing the dwarf?” Peline asked jokingly.
Tirlid looked over the dwarven corpse of Floin Terlason. Republican politican and close friend of the Republican Leader. Who is, or well was, a known critic of the nationalists. Often spousing ideas of compromise to the monarchist faction. 
“Both. Both.” Tirlid stated as he took another sip from his coffee.

15[sup]th[/sup] October 1291 AND (1941), plains of Einarsdal, Frilandr
Blood streaming from his back, as black smoke and ash gathers all around them, as he lay there. Heavy breathing, in and out, in and out. Then a cough, filled with blood. Though people who are standing near him can walk, despite their pain, why can’t he? He tries to stand, but he cannot. Blood has surrounded him and the sounds of broken bones as he even tries to move. He heard the yell after his name. Though almost as if it was from a far far distance.
“TELVE!” yelled out, only slightly, it sounded familiar. Was it his brother? Telve looked to his left, barely being able to move his head to even look that way. He saw with a blurring vision of a young elven man wearing a dark grey uniform with a red star on it, the elven man having red eyes and white hair that has been tied up to a wolf tail. His brother tried to run to him but stopped when a blonde haired nekomimi man pointed his handgun at the brother. The nekomimi man was wearing light grey uniform with his arm band having the red, white and blue colours of the Pledonian separatists. Nothing was said between the two, just glares towards each other. The elven man helped up his hands, in defeat. With a relieved sigh the nekomimi man slightly lowered his gun, as he took out his walkie-talkie that was strapped to his hips. “The station been taken over here, have two war prisone-“ the man started stating before he was interrupted by a fist that hit his jaw, breaking it. Before the nekomimi man could pull the trigger towards his attack he was kicked towards his feet causing him fall face down to the ground. As the nekomimi man turned on his back he was face with two red eyes staring right at him, maddening. As the elven man sat on him. He then felt a knife towards his shoulder blade, a yell for help and a begging for the pain to stop.
“You separatist scum!” the elven man said he gave a quick punch with a left hook towards the nekomimi’s nose, breaking it. “You nekomimi bastard! How dare you hurt my brother!?” clear rage from the elven man could be heard. The nekomimi man no longer begged for help nor to be allowed to surrender. Only to die and not to be tortured. The elven man only laughed. “YOU THINK YOU CAN QUICKEN YOUR DEATH?!” the man said enraged. “You must suffer for your degenerate kind!”. Has he stabbed the knife even deeper into the nekomimi’s shoulder. Telve tried to speak but couldn’t as he fell unconscious.
05:00 12[sup]th[/sup] October 1370 AND (2020), Telve’s bed, Jotungrad, Helslandr
Telve eyes widen suddenly as he quickly sits up, heavy breathing leaving him. As he unconsciously touches the scar on his back. He looks around scared, shocked and fearful. But his eyes lands towards his side and sees Ylva lying next to him. Her arms around his, as she slept blissfully. Telve smiled as he patted her brown nekomimi ears.
His breathing turns normal again, as he laid back down, to sleep just a little bit more. As he gives a quick kiss on Ylva’s forehead.
“I will always love you my kitten, I won’t allow anyone to hurt you.” Telve said out loud as he snuggled into his partner. Blissful sigh left his lips. Not wanting to see notifications on his phone, that he had put on charging next to his nightstand. One being a text message from Steiler Osgvelder, stating. “We must talk. This is urgent!”
Any further notifications was drowned out by a slight snoring from Telve.

10:30, 12th October, 1370 AND (2020), Jotunrad Helslandr

Mister Osgvelder was not a man of patience. He expected effectiveness from his fellow man, like that he expects within his own party. As such standing outside in a street on rainy day, just because the most powerful man in Helslandr happened to oversleep, was not exactly something put him in a good mood. Though he had certain suspicion it was not because of actual ‘sleep’ which was the fault of the Lord Commander being late. Wearing his typical black and white dress suite, with a purple coat that help him warm from the cold. With an umbrella in his right hand, he checked the clock on his watch that was strapped to the wrist of his left hand. With a sigh leaving his lips, he then mumbled to himself.
“Its 10:30, where on Urth is that man?”
It was then that Osgvelder noticed a car parking next him, he raised an eyebrow at this. As the window closest to him was scrolled down he saw the smiling face of the Lord Commander.
“There you are Steinler! Sorry for my tardiness, though I did buy some coffee for you on my way here.” Telve said as raised a cup of coffee so that Steinler could see it. Though for him he could not help but sigh, as he collapsed down his umbrella as the car door opened from the inside for him to get in. As he does so, he sits down at the front with Telve, as it was Telve that was driving.
“Quite curious you are the driver, being a high public official, you supposed to have a self-appointed driver.” Steinler stated coldly as he took the coffee cup that Telve offered him.
“Well he gets boring for a while you know. It has been years since I drove myself, instead of somebody else doing it for me. Like for other public officials it is not as strict.” Telve said as he took a sip from his own coffee. “Like do you not usually drive youself, Steinler? You don’t have anyone driving you.” Telve glanced at Steinler, noticing that he was readjusting his glasses.
“Well neither am I exactly the most powerful man on Helslandr, mister Lord Commander. So, it is not fair comparison.” Steinler said, with the same cold professional tone as he put down his coffee at the cup holder. “Also, could you please rather call me by my last name instead of my given name?” Steinler stated as he glanced annoyed at Telve, the only other emotion he has shown other then cold professionalism so far.
“Only if you call me by something else other then Lord Commander.” Telve said with small smirk on his face has he also placed his coffee at the cup holder. With the irritated sigh coming from Steinler with him also having a frown on his face, Telve could quite easily guess it was a no. ‘Ah another emotion, irritation! If I keep this up, I might even get him to give half a smile’ Telve thought to himself.
“That would be quite unprofessional of me, Lord Commander.” Steinler said in annoyed tone.
“As such I will still call you by your given name.” Telve said jokingly of which only further made Steinler frown. “Now I think we something important to talk about?”
Steinler nodded his head as he brought forward a brown file book with the republican symbols on it. As he opened it and flips through the pages, he stops at picture of a dead dwarven body, with the name of Floin Terlason. Telve eyes widen as he saw the picture, it was not only Floin’s body that was there but also several others. That of security guards.
“It happened two days ago, at night. Apparently, someone was available to get inside Floin’s house with the cameras somehow being compromised. Though it seemed as the intruders was not available to go unnoticed from the guards.” Steinler stated as he kept his neutral and cold attitude. “Though, it does not seem to have mattered.”
Telve looked over the pictures, analysing every single detail he could see. As he also read through the text of it. “Seems like our intelligence service is already hard on the case. As such I don’t think I can be of any more help, then they are. Though I am surprised they did not mention something obvious in the report.” Telve said as he took a big sip from his coffee, before he spoke again. “The intruders did not seem to try being sneaky with the guards, it seems like they wanted there to be a fight.”
Steinler looked curious at Telve, raising an eyebrow. “What do you mean, sir?”
“If one looks closer at the picture several of the guards his killed in very close combat and unnecessary brutal ways. If one tries to be sneaky, they would kill as effective as possible. Often also rather chose to do it from longer distance, with a silent pistol as an example.” Telve stated as he pointed at broken arms and legs of the guards, of their corpses either having their heads smashed to a kitchen table or of several stab wounds directed at the ribs. “This seems to be more to show off, then to be effective. To show off that whoever did this could take out a room of armed guards with little more then knives and fists.”
“But why? For what reason doing it like that?” Steinler said in a disturbed tone, of which Telve could not help but have a slight smile on his face. Telve also remembered being that innocent, of not having seen darkest sides of sentient beings.
“Fear, power, to make someone seem small.” Telve said as a matter of fact tone. “After all, if they can do this to a well-protected politician, what is to say they can’t do more?”
“Absolutely revolting!” Steinler voice not hiding his disgust. Losing his more professional tone he had earlier.
“Quite so. Was there something more that has not been mentioned in the report?” Telve said as he took another sip from his coffee.
“The necklace, from what I’ve heard they found no jewellery on Floin, except his wedding ring.” Steinler said as he tried to keep his more professional stance.
Telve eyes widen, the necklace held some vital information inside it. It held special code in it, one that was supposed to be given to the Norgsveltian Intelligence Service. It was meant to include the footage of the terrorist attack at Vargshallen. Though Telve’s eyes did not widen for the shock it was taken, but the realisation of who mostly took it. As Telve looked at the bodies of the guards he realised something. There was only one group, or specifically one man that was that skilled in combat in Helslandr to do all that. Telve looked at Steinler, his eyes bit widens in desperation. “Meet up with Ylva in my office, I must come to the bottom of this.” Telve said, and before Steinler could respond he was already ushered out of the car, though allowed to take his coffee with him. “Brief her of the situation at ones you there, I shall give further notice on my end later on.” Telve stated quickly, as he closed the car door behind Steinler, as he drove quickly off to the direction of where the murder of Floin happened. Steinler only sighed as picked up the umbrella that fell out of the car in that hurry, and opened it while he walked calmly to Telve’s office.

1st November 1370 AND (2020), Jotungrad, Helslandr

Telve gave out a tired sigh as he walked into a rather empty bar. He has spent most of the last three weeks on trying to get more information on the killing of Floin. As much his own intelligence team was aware no signs of it being from his brother having been there. But he was certain it was Tirlid, and now that the necklace is gone, there was neither nothing to help the Norsveltian Intelligence Service on the terrorist attack on Vargshallen. It is obvious, it must be specifically why his brother chose to kill Floin. To cover his tracks about the terrorist attack. After having spent so many days with Ylva, Osgvelder and members of his government he felt completely drained. He needed a beer, and a strong one at that. If not even Ylva’s commander unit, the Valkyrje’s Neve was not available to find anything on the Iron Front’s activities then it is going badly. As Telve sat by the bar table in a corner and ordered the bartender to get him a strong Eyjarian Kerlton beer. If he remembered correctly it was made in a beer industry owned by an ethnic Staynish businessman in Rosaheim specifically. Telve has heard it is good, so it better be. If not, he might complain to the Eyjarian prime minister! Telve smiled as he thought over that dumb idea. The tender walked up to his table with large glass of beer, with a smile on his face as he placed the beer glass on Telve’s table. The man looked like he was in his late 60s with a large grey beard with bit messy hair.
“I must say sir, it is an honour having you here.” The man said with clear admiration.
Telve smiled towards the gentlemen. “Nice to know. I have heard great things of this bar. Founded it yourself?” Telve asked as he took a sip from his glass. And as the rumours had it, the beer was indeed as amazing as it is held up to be.
“Neh, my father did. He founded it in 1[sup]st[/sup] November 1970!” The man said with a voiced filled with pride as he placed his hands on his hips to match his tone.
“Must be quite proud over your father’s achievement then.” Telve said with small smile being formed on his lips as he looked up at the tender.
“Indeed, I am!” The tender said with grin, like that of young youth that contrasted with the man’s age. “Though my father always said when I was only a kid that he could never be available to do this.” The man gestured towards the whole bar. “Without you.”
Telve raised an eyebrow towards the bartender giving the man a curious look. “I am not sure I follow; might you explain?”
“Well during the reign of those damn communists all private business was illegal and essentially no independent business was made. Hell, all alcohol was banned as well, so the idea of starting, well, this!” The man said irritated when the thoughts of the communist regime came forth. “Was impossible, the only way one could get beer was to get it smuggled from Eyjaria.” The tender gestured towards Telve’s beer glass to make a further point. “My father used to be one of those smugglers, even got imprisoned for it. But before he could get fully punished for it, a certain coup happened.” The man had a smile as he mentioned the coup, which was only then that Telve nodded understanding what the tender was getting at.
“I think I understand, it is nice to know he thought so highly of me.” Telve said with bit of an awkward smile on his lips. One would think that having ruled a land for nearly 55 years he would gotten used to this kind of compliments.
“And so, do I sir, you have no idea how many look up to you.” The bartender said with the same tone of admiration. Telve had a small smile on his lips as he took a sip, and with that the bartender was about to walk away, before Telve spoke.
“What is your name, sir?” Telve asked with a quiet and almost cold tone.
“Oh, its Torstein Deirskle.” The man said quickly as he looked back at Telve.
“Hmmm Torstein… Well it was nice talking to you, Torstein. Your father would be proud of you.” Telve said with a warm tone coming forth from his voice and equally warm smile. And though Telve might not have known it right there, it gave him a paternal look. The bartender nodded and gave a quick but sloppy salute to Telve, and typical greeting to give someone in Telve’s position. Torstein then walked back to his counter and let Telve enjoy his beer. Though Telve sat there awhile enjoying his beer, not giving notice to the uniformed man walking into the bar. That was until that said man sat across to Telve, with a smirk on his face. As Telve put down his beer, to actually look up to see who the stranger that just sat across him was. It was then he understood that it was no stranger. With a heavy sigh leaving Telve’s lips.
“For fuck sake.” Telve groaned annoyed as he pinched his nose.
“What a way to greet your brother.” Tirlid said with a playful frown on his face.
“What do you want?” Telve asked annoyed as he glared at Tirlid.
“Awww sadness, you don’t want to small talk a little first? A talk between us brothers? Like women perhaps? How is your relationship with that nekomimi girl example? I have heard her folk is wild in bed, how true is that big brother?” Tirlid taunted teasingly with a sly smirk forming on his lips as he pushed the buttons to anger his older brother.
“What. Do. You. Want.” Telve asked with clear anger in his voice as he hit wooden table, making some of his beer spill. Which caught the attention of the bartender that was still at his counter.
“Is that man bothering you, sir?” Bartender stated with worry. “I could throw him out if you want to.” The man pushed up his sleeves as to prepare for a fight.
“I’d like to see him try.” Tirlid whispered with a playful smirk on his face, as his red eyes looked towards the bartender.
“Its alright, Torstein! Don’t worry!” Telve yelled towards the bartender and got a nod as a response from the bartender. “Get to the point, Tirlid.” Telve whispered getting more irritated by the second as he glared at Telve.
“Fine, I shall.” Tirlid said as he pulled up the necklace that Telve has been looking for. Telve’s eyes widen in realisation and tried to snatch it away, but Tirlid simply pulled his hand to far away from Telve’s reach. “Nuh uh, you got to listen to my proposal before you get this!” Tirlid said jokingly with laughter in his voice.
“Alright what do you want?” Telve raised an eyebrow as he asked his younger brother. He is not certain what he can give his brother for the information in that necklace, especially since said information would get Tirlid and his followers caught up in state investigation and imprisoned.
“I want you to do two things for me, in exchange for this.” Tirlid stated with an even wider smirk on his face. “I want political immunity for Peline Sortelle and me.”
“Absolutely not! Then the point of even taking it back is non-existent!” Telve stated irritated by the demand his brother has given.
“Not certain I agree with that, big brother. You have to understand, I was not the one directly making the agreements with that Army of Progress.” Tirlid said mysterious in a way to taunt his brother.
“Then who else?” Telve asked curious.
“Well you need the necklace to fully know, don’t you?” Tirlid stated with the same small sly smirk on his lips.
Telve nervously tapped his fingers on the wooden table, while he did have the authority to give political immunity for prosecution and imprisonment. Giving the two leading members of the Iron Front immunity would alienate his cooperation with the republicans and monarchists within the assembly. However not finding out about terrorist attack in Vargshallen would alienate his friendship with Eyjaria and Norgsveldet. But furthermore, Telve promised to Ylva to catch the ones behind it, and though Tirlid is also behind it. He could put Tirlid on trial anyway, if it is true that his brother was not the one directly in contact. “Fine, I shall do it.” Telve started but before Tirlid could speak Telve continued. “ON one condition! That your paramilitary will kick out and shun the member that made the contacts at once we get it on the assembly.”
Tirlid hesitated a second to speak, though Telve was not certain what his brother was thinking he would guess that his brother would also be dealing with lack of support from his own paramilitary if he says yes. After a short while from considering his options, Tirlid spoke. “Alright, I will accept your agreement.” Tirlid stated coldly as he tossed the necklace towards Telve, on which Telve caught with his right hand. “I shall take my leave now brother, hopefully we can take a drink together in the future, seems like a nice place. Having a couple beers, like old time sake.” Tirlid said with genuine happiness as he smiled towards his older brother, though Telve was not looking at him. Only motioning for Tirlid to leave as such Tirlid did with a sneer one his face.
Though when Tirlid walked outside he was greeted by his second in command, Peline Sorttelle.
“So…. How did it go?” she asked curiously as she played with her long blonde hair.
“I made the agreement; he got the necklace for immunity for us two.” Tirlid said casually as he and Peline walked to their car, a long sleek black car with silver tidings.
“What does that mean for Kristofer and Etrik?” Peline asked curiously as she sat inside to the passenger seat, while Tirlid sat inside the driver’s seat.
“It means you have some competition to get rid of.” Tirlid said coldly as he put the car the reverse. While Peline smile happily, almost seems to look innocent. If one ignores the context of what she was smiling for.
“When shall we do operation ildkamp?” Peline asked curious as she tilted her head.
As Tirlid checked his phone to quickly check his calendar he then looked back at Peline. “If we get the immunity at the end of this November, it will only take all of December to prepare the resources needed. As such I could see us putting the operation in affect at 10[sup]th[/sup] January next year.” Tirlid stated as he drives to the Iron Front HQ in Vargshallen. The first pieces as been put in place, now only a few more and Tirlid is certain he cleanse Helslandr once and for all.

10[sup]th[/sup] November 1370 AND (2020)
“You must be joking, Telve!” Ylva said as she leaned on Telve’s desk. With Telve only answering with a sigh as he stood up from his chair and looked out the window behind him.
“I have to agree with miss Kattdalen here, sir. You can’t be serious about this deal?” Steinler said as he pushed his glasses upwards. Giving the Lord Commander a stern look. “No one is going to accept this.”
“Exactly!” Ylva said voicing her agreement loudly. “You won’t be available to pass this through the Commander Assembly.”
“It won’t go to the Commander Assembly.” Telve stated coldly, still looking out the window. Into the rainy streets of Jötungrad.
“What?” Ylva said confused as she raised an eyebrow towards Telve, giving him a curious look. Though Steinler eyes widen in realisation.
“You going to use an executive order?” Steinler asked, though he full well knew the answer. Though Ylva looked towards Steinler surprised that he is suggesting that Telve would do that.
Telve gave a quick glance towards Steinler before he looked back outside. “Yes.” He answered simply, on which he got Ylva to look with shock towards him. Which he noticed through reflection of her on the window.
“You can’t be serious?” Ylva stated with what one only could guess was mixture of disbelief and anger. Her hands forming into fists.
“I am.” Telve stated once more simply and coldly. Steinler kept in silence, but he could clearly see the anger in Ylva’s eyes as she glared at Telve, tears that started to come from her eyes.
“I refuse to believe it!” Ylva yelled. “You really allow him to escape with this?!”
Telve did not look back despite her yelling at him, only making anger building more up for her. “It is the only way.”
“W-were you yelling about bringing justice then? You really not going to bring justice for that little girl?” Ylva stated, calmer but clear rage still there. Telve internally winched with guilt from that statement, allowing even a small frown form on his face. Though he did not turn around to look at her, his eyes directed at the window, though no longer to look out on the streets. He did not speak and was also careful to not show any real emotions. “Did you hear me?” Ylva said quietly, trying to keep back the tears. “Were you lying all this time!?”
“Miss Kattdale-“ Steinler started to speak but was interrupted.
“Do not get involved.” Ylva stated coldly as she gave a quick glare towards Steinler before she looked back at Telve. “So, were you? Was you lying about caring about our religion?!”
Telve again did not turn around still he was facing the window. “I can no-.” Telve started to say before he was interrupted by Ylva.
“I want you too look at me. I want your eyes to look into mine when you say it. I must see if your eyes, your soul has truth in it!” She said with a yell. “That the moments we had, was truthful.” But Telve still was facing the window, his blue eyes not even glancing towards her. Her nekomimi ears fell flat as she looked downwards. Her tail hanging low. “You damn coward.” She stated quietly as she turned around slowly, with Telve looking at the reflection of her in the window. Having looked at her reflection the entire time, and when her reflection went away from the window, it was only a few seconds afterwards that sound of a door being slammed shut. As such silence fell on the office. As Steinler gave out a sigh.
“I can’t say I fully know the extent of yours and miss Kattdalen’s relationship.” Steinler stated simply as he walked towards the cloth hanger and put on his black coat and picked up his black bowler hat. “I can make a good guess however.” He stated simply as he put on his hat, giving a final glance towards Telve. “Sir, this immunity you going to give to your brother. It won’t destroy the bound between the two of you, though it is damaged. But it will destroy our country. Mark my words, your brother is planning something. He must be.” Only then did Telve finally turn around.
“I know, more so then you.” He stated with cold stern voice, but Steinler could see it being an act. He saw though not much, a single tear dripping down Telve’s cheek. “Good night sir Osgvelder.”
“Good night, Lord Commander.” Steinler said with a sigh as he as well walked out the office. Though it was decorated with colourful designs, right at the current moment it all felt grey and dark. No amount of decorations can improve the mood that was in the office, as he closed the door. He looked at the clock that was on his wrist. “Better start counting the days.” He said with a sigh.

20[sup]th[/sup] November 1370 (2020).
Blood was coughed down into the ground as two men, one blond elf and one darked hair human was pushed forward by four dark grey military uniformed men wearing the Iron front armband.
“As you see brother, I keep my promises.” Tirlid stated as he looked towards Telve that stood at his right. The two standing in Tirlid’s office in the Iron front’s main garrison east in Vargshallen. Tirlid’s office being similar to Telve’s own office with its glass wall acting like window to see through towards the street.
“I see that.” Telve stated simply as he took a sip from his coffee. As the two men was pushed into a police truck. With the uniformed men saluting the police officers which in return just stared nervously towards the uniformed men. After small while they also saluted back, though awkwardly.
“Seems like your police officers does not feel that comfortable with my men.” Tirlid said with a smirk, as he crossed his arms.
“Because these police officers are away from their normal station.” Telve said giving annoyed look towards Tirlid. “Your men are the law enforcers in this city.”
“And crime is much lower here for that exact reason.” Tirlid stated with a playful voice.
“Hmmm” Telve hummed as he took another sip from his coffee cup.
“I feel like you don’t exactly agree?” Tirlid stated as he raised an eyebrow towards Telve.
“No, you correct that crime in Vargshallen is very low.” Telve stated as he put down his coffee cup on Tirlid’s desk. Though before Tirlid could make a witty comment Telve spoke again. “But that is because your men almost essentially murder someone from simply jaywalking.”
Telve gave Tirlid a glare in which he returned with rolling his eyes. “Oh, don’t be so dramatic, we don’t kill people for jaywalking. Just giving them a little ‘scare’.” Tirlid joked. A sigh left Telve’s lips.
“Either way I shall be going now, only visited to oversee movement of those traitors.” Telve said with clear venom in his voice.
“I think traitors might be bit to harsh words to use on them.” Tirlid stated giving his brother a sceptical look as Telve started walk away from him and to go towards the dressing hanger that was near the door stand.
“They helped giving a clear a way for some damn fanatical terrorist organisation to bomb a temple.” Telve said slow rage building in him but him breathing in and out to calm himself, before speaking up again. “And funnily enough your men were nowhere to be seen to stop, hmmm?” Telve stated with his own small smirk. Telve’s blue eyes did not hide its anger towards his younger brother. Though for Tirlid he just shrugged not stating anything back. In which Telve only gave out an annoyed groan as he put on his grey coat and was about to open up the door to leave. Telve then reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a slim brown file, then turning around to look towards Tirlid.
“I almost completely forgot.” Telve stated with a stoic look as he threw the file towards Tirlid which catch it mid-air.
Tirlid gave Telve a curious look as he raised an eyebrow.
“It’s the details for you and that second command of yours when it came to that whole political immunity business.” Telve stated as he put his hands into his pockets. “I would advise to have your lawyer to look through it.”
Tirlid raised an eyebrow at that, or at least first. Though after awhile his eyes widen in realization. On which Telve gave a slight smirk towards Tirlid.
“Have a good day, little brother.” Telve said as he opened the door. The sound of a cup hitting a floor with a loud crack could be heard as he closed it behind him.

30[sup]th[/sup] November 1370 AND (2020), Vargshallen
“You sure about this, sir?”
“You really starting to question my orders now, miss Sorttelle?” Tirlid stated as he raised an eyebrow.
Sigh could be heard from black and silver coloured laptop that was laid in front of Tirlid’s wooden desk. “No, I’m not. It is just quick change of plans, and-“
“Which why our plans are meant to be flexible. No plan survives contact with the enemy of a battlefield, neither does this.” Tirlid said and leaned into his wooden chair. “Execute the plan, in February. Tell our spies in the capital to not stay there at February and to leave as quickly as possible when the first hour of February is rung. Do not meet up at the next Assembly in December, I want every sympathetic too our course to boycott the meeting.”
“Alright.” Voice answered back, with a tired tone.
“In January you and I will go on another mission, understood?” Tirlid said.
“Yes, sir.”
“Good, have a good night sleep Peline." 
"You too, Fører.”

With a sigh Tirlid turned off the camera on his laptop and closed it. Tirlid opened up a desk drawer and took out a brown leather file. He looked through the file with mild annoyance. The file was filled with different reports from his men on the inside of his brother’s government. Most recent one detailing the Norgsveltian Princess Astrid visit to Helslandr at 16[sup]th[/sup] of January. Furthermore, the report included his brother’s speech during the visit. Part of him surprised that his brother is willing to make such emotional filled speech. Far different from how they used to be 20 years ago. Cold and straight to the point, like his brother used to be.
“To finally answer where our nation spirit belongs. Hmmm.” Tirlid said quiet to himself as he read the second line of his brother’s speech. He then took up another file, slim brown file and opened that one up as well. On which it was written: After the amendment in article 7 of the executive power of Lord Commander, the Lord Commander AND his closest family members and their loved ones, is given equally sovereign immunity as that of the Lord Commander, though under paragraph third of Article 7, the sovereign immunity of the latter shall only remain as long the current Lord Commander and their government remain.
In which small smile, though not one filled with warmth was formed on Tirlid’s lips, as his eyes looked back at the last part of his brother’s speech.
“After 55 long years serving my people, I shall put my service at rest, and might her highness rule be as one of a new age and innovation that not I can match.” His voice filled with mixture of sarcasm and venom as he read it.
7th December 1370 AND (2020) Jötungrad, Commander Assembly
Telve stood up from his podium as he looked across the assembly, he was not pleased what he is seeing.
“Where are the rest?” He stated out loud to himself. Only 93 members of the assembly is seated out of 150 seats. Majority of whom was members of Iron Front. He needed at least two thirds of the assembly to have proceedings go as usual. Worst of all it was not just the Iron Front people that was missing, even some of republicans as refused to come.
“Where the hell are your men, mister Osgvelder!?” Ylva yelled across the assembly. “It has been 5 minutes over time now, and they yet to meet up!”
“I-I don’t know….” Steinler admitted. “They supposed to be here, there is no reason for them not too.”
“Unless rest of the assembly is gathered, we cannot vote on allowing a referendum for our nation’s official status.” Telve stated with a sigh. “I shall give sir Osgvelder an hour to try gathering rest of his alliance or to find possible replacement for them, in the meantime I shall contact my brother about his and his comrades absence. Dismissed.” Telv walked down the podium pinching the bridge of his nose, as he quickly tapped on brothers name in the contact section on his phone. It rang one, two and three times.
“I am sorry but the person you try-.“ Came forth the default speaker on the phone.
Once more he tried to call Tirlid.
“I am sorry but the-.”
Telve breathed in and out, in and out. As he once more tried to call Tirlid.
“I am sorry b-.”
Telve gritted his teeth as he ended the call once more. “Son of a-.”
“No luck, huh?” Came a voice behind Telve and saw Ylva standing with her hands in her pockets.
“No.” Telve stated simply as he tried to keep a calm and professional behaviour and tone. Though the slight twitching of his eye can still be seen.
Ylva raised an eyebrow and amused smile on her lips. “Seems like your brother outsmarted you, on your attempt to outsmart him.” She stated simply.
“Seems so.”
With that the two of them stood there in silence.
“You still going to have her visit us?” Ylva asked cautiously.
“Yes.” Telve stated with a sigh. “My brother might have tried to stop the political proceedings here, but we can still win over the people.”
Ylva opened her mouth to speak, before Steinler walked in on them. Him not stating anything for a while, on which Telve knew clearly from the down looked of the man.
“They still missing?” Telve asked, and Steinler nodded as an answer. “Have they left any message?” On which Steinler shook is head. “Are there any replacements?” Once more Steinler shook his head.
“Then this meeting is completely dismissed.” Telve stated simply, though he his anger was boiling inside. One way or another he will get that referendum.

16[sup]th[/sup] January 2021, Jotungrad city centre
Telve let out a small sigh as he quickly looked over the crowd and let out a sigh as he quickly retreated back to the backstage. Part of him was hesitant if he should actually do this. He sat down in a chair as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Nervous?” A feminine voice said behind him. As Telve looked back he saw a woman with platinum blonde hair, wearing a royal black dress with a purple trim and a black coat with golden ornaments on it.
“Ah, your majesty.” Telve said standing up before giving the woman a slight bow.
Small giggle could be heard from the woman. “I am not monarch, yet.” Small warm smile could be seen on her lips.
“Well.” Telve said simply as he looked back towards where the crowd will be. “You soon will be your highness.”
“We shall see.” The woman looked towards the direction the crowd would be. Small saddened frown could be seen on her lips. “You certain your people willing to accept a monarchy?”
“It will take convincing.” Telve said with a nervous laugh, before letting himself smile a little. “But I am certain I can convince them.”
The woman smiled at that. “Your people seem to love you.”
Small laughter left Teve. “Well I love them as well.”
The woman looked towards him raising an eyebrow. “Why not continue on as their leader?” She asked confused. “They seem to love you, and from what you heard you are competent leader.”
Telve shook his head letting out a simple sigh. “No, I have led this country almost 55 years. Don’t think I can lead it for much longer.”
“You still have your years ahead of you, sir Kvirkdelen.” She said with a smile.
This time it was Telve’s turn to look confused at her. “Your highness. I am 120 years old, turning 121 this year.”
“And?” She while keeping the smile on her face. “You’re an elf, you aren’t already tired, are you?”
“Well excuse me princess, 55 years of leading a nation can make anyone tired.” Telve said crossing his arms.
Small laughter left her lips. “I guess I can’t blame you.” Her smile slowly went away. “Though I never lead a country myself.”
“And I am certain you will have good people on your side advising you.” Telve said putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Though before he could say anything more to reassure her a security guard walked up to them.
“Lord Commander Telve and Princess Astrid you two ready?” The security guard said quickly to them.
Astrid let a simple sigh. “I guess I am, what about you sir Kvirkdelen?”
“I am pretty certain I am.” Telve said as he reached into his pocket his eyes widen slightly. “Give me a few more seconds and I will be.”
“As you wish sir.” The security guard as he walked off again.
Astrid gave Telve an curious look.
“By Odin’s beard I think I forgot-.“ Before Telve even finished his sentence he was interrupted by sound of a door opening revealing Ylva in her military uniform. She breathed in and out deeply, exhausted.
“I-I think you forgot something.” Ylva said as she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. One that Telve has written his speech down on. “You forget things to often.”
Before Telve could even say his thanks, Ylva gave him a quick peck on his lips. “You can thank me later.” Ylva said. “Go make me proud.”
Telve gave Ylva small smile as he spoke. “I will.”
Ylva smiled widely at him before she quickly left the room.
Astrid looked slyly at Telve. “So…. How are you thinking of thanking her?”
Telve let a nervous laugh speak for him. “Lets just get going with the program, shall we?”
“Of course, after you High Commander.” Astrid said as the two of them walked on the stage. With tens of thousands gathered around them, waving Helslandr flag, but also political flags of the Helslandr monarchists. Loud applause and roar came from the crowd as the two stepped forward.
This day people been waiting for, this day it was going to be decided. Or so that was the plan….

(Jointly written with Gio)

Telve smiled towards the cameras and crowd as he waved to them, with Astrid waving as well right behind him. Several security guards were positioned in check points, armed with pistols on their side. To ensure no one from the audience would do harm to him or the princess. Though from what it looked like the crowd was enthusiastically happy to see him then anything else. He was far more concerned over Astrid’s safety than anything else. Luckily Ylva has ensured him that monarchists support is strongest in this city. Which he can see clearly with amount of Black, white, and grey monarchist flags there are. He walked into the slight podium been set up for him, and slightly leaned down his head to speak into his microphone. As he gave the hand movement for the crowd to quiet down.
“I have to thank everyone that is gathered here today, a day I will ensure is one that shall ensure a new path for this country.” Telve said loudly as his voice boomed across the room in which an applause answered back. “As you all know, I have ruled our great country for over 55 years. As a patriot, reformist and most importantly, as a commander. I have been available to change a country from one of communist nation on verge of collapse to one quickest economic growth any nation on Urth could have ever gotten on that amount of time.”
He applause once more was met in response with several people yelling “Long live the Lord Commander!”
“We had nothing back then, but now we have economic opportunities that no body could have thought was possible!” Telve said with a great grin on his face thought it then was replaced with a small sad smile. “However, as your commander, I could have done more.”
This seemingly caught the crowd off guard as he saw them all become completely quiet. Telve shook his head as he looked downwards.
“I have run this country for almost 55 years…. 55 years.” Telve said almost in disbelief. “And for me that is enough.”
He could hear few gasps coming from the crowd and some few yelling “No!”
“By the end of October this year, in which it then would have been 55 full years. I shall step down as Lord Commander.” Telve said and waited a minute after the audience stopped yelling in protest. “However, in that mean time, I shall rearrange system this country is run, and it will no longer be in this current weird limbo of being between a monarchy and being a republic.”
He gave a hand signal for Astrid to come close and as she did, he put his left hand on her shoulder. “I am officially announcing my successor, in which after 55 years I can trust them to continue on the service where I cannot.” Telve said confidently and looked over the crowd with determination. Though in the corner of his eye he noticed one security guard on the check point on the right side, putting a finger on his right earpiece. Assuming that he got a message, Telve continued on. “With that I am going to give Astrid a chance to say some words of her own.”
Astrid nodded towards Telve with a smile on her face as he moved away from the podium, standing behind her like she did with him. “I will thank Sir Kvirkdelen for bringing me to this wonderful country and to me to finally met the wonderful inhabitants that is here.” Astrid said with genuine gratitude in her voice.
Telve noticed once more the security guard from earlier walking away from his post and rather up to them on the scene. Telve looked curious towards the security guard. “They not meant to move away from their posts.” Telve whispered to himself, which only than he noticed the security guard looking coldly towards the princess and the guard’s hand on the holster that he realised what was going to happen. Telve ran as quickly as he could as the security guard took out his handgun and pointed it towards the princess.
Three guns shots could be heard, though none hit the princess. The security guard was on the ground, with Telve on top of him. With blood from his wounds spilling down on the guard. Telve coughed some blood on the security guard’s face. As a smirk was then seen on Teve’s face.
“Who. Sent. You” Telve said in-between as he coughed up blood. Though before the guard could even answer Telve fell into his side as he is pushed away by the security guard. The security guard stood up as quickly as he could and once more aimed towards the princess, and a gun shot was once more heard. The security guard’s gun fell towards the ground as did he, with blood and gore pouring out from his head. As the princess looked behind her, she saw Ylva with tears streaming down her face with gun drawn.
Ylva walks over the security guard’s corpse and step downs to Telve’s body putting pressure on his wounds. “For fuck sake someone, anyone get a doctor.” Her voice yells out.
“Didn’t think that Valkyries was going to have such vulgar speech patterns.” Telve joked as he coughed up some more blood.
“T-Telve I am going to get you back up, don’t you worry.” Ylva said as tears still streamed on.
Telve coughed a bit more, as life started to fade from his eyes, his mind flashed through several important memories he made in his 120 years of life.
One of his was his time in the great war, the heat of 20[sup]th[/sup] century warfare, the clashes in the trenches. Fighting off Morstaypackian soldiers as they marched on into Rikevaarland. Soon he no longer was in trenches, but in urban streets. Fighting from building to building. Equally terrible, but different kind. Though he remembered him smiling throughout either way. Back than war was still thrilling, by Odin’s beard, part of him think he might be psychopath back then. But when Vestravan Civil War happened, well it changed it all. Though not from the brutality of the war itself, but his brother. He saw Tirlid once a more soft-spoken man, become an animal in the war. He saw Tirlid stabbing a nekomimi man over and over and over again.
Another memory was of him and one of his closest friends, Jonik Erland:
 Jonik pours Telve a glass of whiskey.
“So, word on the street is you have a new sweetheart. Care to share who this new lady love of yours is?”
Telve takes a sip from his glass as he raises an eyebrow at Jonik. “Word on the street? Don’t tell me you have put spies in my country.” Telve jokes as he sets down his whiskey glass.

Jonik chuckles. “Come on Telve, it’s been everywhere on the news. You two were seen together at the opera not too long ago. At least tell me her name.”
Telve gives out a small sigh. “Well I have tried keeping it a secret, or well at least in Helslandr. There would be quite the out roar from certain parts of my legislature if they knew I was dating a nekomimi.” Telve shook his head as he allowed himself to chuckle. “Her name is Ylva, if you must know.”

“Nekomimi, huh? Well, now I see why you wanted to keep it a secret then.” Jonik sighed as he took a sip of whiskey. “People are really far too concerned with such trivial things as this.”
“Indeed.” Telve said with another sigh as he took another sip from his whiskey. “She is a lovely lady, though stubborn and headstrong. Though she is clever as she is stubborn and as competent as she is headstrong. I would marry her if it weren’t for the risks, I might end up as a leader that never marries.”

Jonik paused to think for a moment. “Even if you two can’t marry, at the end of the day, you’ll still have each other. You’ll still care for one another. Marriage isn’t always the end all be all my friend.”
Telve gave Jonik a small smile. “Thank you… I needed that.” Telve said as he took another sip from his whiskey, finishing the glass.

“More whiskey?” Asked Jonik.
“One more.” Telve said, giving a nod. “I don’t want to get too drunk.”

“Of course.” Jonik replied, pouring Telve one more glass.
As Telve opened his eyes he again saw Ylva’s though this time she was sleeping in a chair at his side. He noticed he was in a nursing bed; he saw he had several bandages over his stomach and chest. He saw several lifeline systems being connected to him. Telve smiled as he gently stroked Ylva’s cheek and seeing her slowly wake up. Her eyes slowly opening and small smile forming on her lips. Though he soon finds his arm falling limb, and before he knew it, the death that he has tried to escape has caught up to him. It didn’t even allow him to say few last words of love.
As such, the first causality of the civil war.