Assowolfian Broadcasting Corporation
“Welcome back folks and you’re watching ABC T.V.”
Independence Day Parade Draws In Massive Crowds
“On this day in December 1821, our proud nation of Assowolf gained independence from the Federal Republic of Xagrurg and made its position in the world. The leader of the independence movement, Johannes Nixburg, was a peaceful and pacifist person who believed that peace was the way forward for the people of Assowolf and that violence would lead to immense destruction, which was a factor in leading the movement. In Port Kharough, over 3 million watched as the armed forces of Assowolf paraded down the streets and to the Venissian Palace, where Chancellor Theodora Quhenica gave a rousing speech to the crowds, reassuring them that Assowolf will prevail in the face of growing chaos of the world.
Assowolfian Weapons Systems Continues To Grow
“Assowolfian Weapons Systems is Assowolf’s most largest aramament corporation, who is contracted by the government of Assowolf to produce most weaponry of the Assowolf Armed Forces. For the past few years, they have been solidifying their hold on Assowolf’s armament markets. Lately, however, the CEO of AWS has expressed interest in expanding operations to other national governments and gun sporting as well.”

Assowolfian Broadcasting Corporation

Daosh Releases “Daosh 8”
“After its announcement at the Assowolfian Tech Conference of 2017 back in August, the Daosh 8 has released today to compete with fellow telecommunications rivals Primrose and Megatron. The Daosh 8 is priced at $690 and comes with new features to the brand such as watertight capability up to 8 feet of water and comes standard in 64GB of storage with the option to upgrade to 128GB. The operating system Cyborg 8.0 ‘Oreo’ comes pre-installed with the smartphone. The phone comes with wireless charging as well. Furthermore, computer security firm Ferderi has worked together with Daosh to have its Antivirus application installed on the phone. The Antivirus comes with the premium edition for free for one month which switches to the free edition afterwards. People in Port Kharough are lined up at Daosh stores, excited to purchase the new flagship phone of Daosh.”

(This is the RL-counterpart the Daosh 8 is based on: Nokia 8 - Wikipedia )
(This is the RL-counterpart of Daosh: Nokia - Wikipedia )
(This is the RL-counterpart of Ferderi: Avira - Wikipedia )

“In a surprising turn of events in the situation of Xagrurg, the Xagrurgian Government has requested the Assowolfian Government to help maintain the peace in Xagrurg with peacekeepers. The Assowolfian Parliament has granted authorization to deploy 500 soldiers overseas to Xagrurg to help maintain stability but will it be enough? We can only wait for time to tell.”

Assowolfian Broadcasting Corporation

Deadly Supervirus Spreads To Assowolf
“Stunning world heath experts, the deadly virus known as ‘Yamavirus,’ has recently made a resurgence in the nation of Horalia who has taken the extreme action of closing off its borders in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. However, this has failed as reports of a virulent disease has been coming in from the northern areas of Assowolf, the total amount of infected people unknown but estimated in the hundreds. The Assowolfian Center Of Disease and Crisis Management in a recent press briefing stated to the press that the spread likely occurred from mosquito swarm migrations from Horalia carrying the Yamavirus. Port Kharough has been placed under lockdown with checkpoints being established on major routes in and out of the city. The government has also taken the drastic step of closing the borders, causing outrage among the public, many of whom were planning to attend to the Urth Songfestival. However, this may have been too late as it has been 3 days since the discovery of the infection in Assowolf. The government has joined other nations of the world find a cure for the Yamavirus.”