Admission of Marselesk to the Magisterium

Marselesk has taken the Magister’s pledge ( and meets the other requirements of section 1.1 of the standing orders.

In accordance to the Public Official Disclosure Act, Marselesk created a Public Disclosure Form (

A thread has been started in The Plaza for Magisters and citizens to ask the prospective Magister questions (

In accordance with 1.2 of the Magisterial Standing Orders, the Magisterium must vote to determine if Marselesk will be accepted.

Vote AYE or FOR, if you are in favor of Marselesk’s membership, NAY or AGAINST, if you’re against, ABSTAIN or PRESENT, if you feel that you can’t reach a decision in good conscience.

You must state your World Assembly (WA) nation at the time of your vote with the following two exceptions:

(1) If you do not have a WA nation, then you must make a statement to that effect.

(2) If your WA nation is on assignment with the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army, then you must make a statement to that effect.

Voting ends on 10 Feb 2016, 8 pm Pacific time.

TEP: The Other Otter | WA: None | Aye

TEP: Dark Rider Lady || WA: N/A || Votes: Abstain

TEP: Dremaur | WA: Shadoke II | Votes: Aye


TEP: McStooley / WA: EPSA


TEP: Aenglaland / WA: EPSA

A Slanted Black Stripe (TEP/WA) votes Present.

This vote is now closed.

There 4 votes for the admission of Marselesk, none against, 2 abstentions/present and 2 not voting (Elegarth. Severisen).

Six of 9 (67%) Magisters participated in the vote so the 50% quorum was met. (Note: AMOM was eligible to vote at the beginning of this process, so AMOM is counted in the denominator of the quorum calculation.)

Marselesk has been admitted to the Magisterium. Congratulations.