Afternoon all

I bring greetings from the new nation of Bunnithia to everyone in The East Pacific.

We may be a tiny nation but we have more than enough rabbits to go around and the dedication of our rabbit milkers mean we produce a fine selection of organic cheeses.

However, enough of that, King Charles and Queen Krista invite one and all for afternoon tea to celebrate.

Shall we say 3.00pm?

Welcome to TEP!


Welcome to EP! Beware of the Pack. She turns people into drones! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to The East Pacific! I hope I get a chance to roleplay with you between nations and what not… once these qualifiers are finished consuming bits and pieces of my mortal life, lol.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Todd and Shivat, I’ve read your wiki pages - absolutely brilliant. One day I’ll give it a go, until then a bit of roleplaying will be the order of the day.