Ah... Hi, again!

Well… Um yes, I’m back. I doubt anyone can remember me… But yes, so hello again!

runs away

(grabs Terasu by the collar and hauls him back)

Will you please stop doing that?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the off-chance that you’ve lost them, here are your replacements:

a pair of mating alcoholic squirrels (no nation can be without them!)


your very own fridge owl so that you’ll quit stealing Rez’ owl.

I’m afraid you’ll have to provide your own clown shoes though … :frowning:


I remember you pretty well… and I’ve wondered for weeks on where the hell had you disappeared!

Welcome back, only-one-of-my-map-neighbouras-who-is-active!

Hope you’re planning to go back to RP, sooner or later…