[ALLI]Situation in Dovakhan

The Secretary-General cleared his throat, sipped a glass of vodka, and stood tall behind his podium.

"I hereby call this meeting to order.

Comrades, there has been a great deal of discussion on the matter of Krechzianko’s liberation of Dovakhan. Some of our allies" - he looked to the East Malaysian - "are opposed to the People’s Pact operations in the country. So, to promote international friendship and EPTO cooperation, I request that the member-states send military forces to Dovakhan for peacekeeping purposes…once we have finished the initial attack, of course.

I welcome all of our EPTO comrades to participate in this nation-building exercise. We have no interest in conquering or destroying Dovakhan, only liberating it from the free market. Do any of you have opinions on this request?"

Liberating it from the free market? Why?

Why invade the nation, they are merely undergoing a change…

The Secretary-General gestured to the Autumnwindz representative.

“Ah, our new allies are becoming involved. Kudos, comrade…to answer your questions: the People’s Socialist Republic of Krechzianko fights for the working class. We see capitalism as the disease it really is. As such, we strive to destroy its expansion wherever possible. And remember, we did not simply invade Dovakhan. Rebels seized control before we attacked…”

“Right.” The FPS representative said, smiling broadly. “Just like when you ‘liberated’ the people of Govindia by killing them all!” The smile fell from his face. “If you think that any nation in this alliance is going to help you occupy another nation and opress its people, your dumber then anyone could imagine.” He looked at his aide. “Call me if anything important comes up.”

Standing, he turned, and exited the room, muttering something about “Damned Stalinists” as he went.

“Clearly, our friend is occupied. Perhaps he is too busy listening to his iPod and driving his Lexus, comrades.”

The East Malaysian rep stood and spoke, “Clearly Krechzianko has lost there minds, Dovakhan is going thru changes and Krechzianko and the NSU members dont like that. That is how East Malaysia sees it and we dont like it at all. East Malaysia is ready to act to fight for the government my governemnt reconizes. For the first time in a long time East Malaysia is actually on Packilvania’s side and that is a rare site now-a-days. I’m just wasting my time here also… i’ll leave one of my staff members here just-in-case, but i’m going to the local embassy. Also before i leave Would anyones nation here like to pick up Krech and VI people and return them to there nations or something? East Malaysia dosent want to wast money on there citizens to feed them and stuff.” He stood there to see if anyone would respond.

The aide snickered at the Krechziankan’s comment. “Actually, the cops confinscated his Lexus for that DUI…” His grin suddenly faltered, and his eyes widened. “Did I just say that out loud?”

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Dovakhan is going thru changes and Krechzianko and the NSU members dont like that

— End quote

“Indeed, comrade. This ‘change’ is the recent revolution against capitalism.”

The Gnidrahn representative rose, leaned over the table, placing his hands upon it, and looked squarely at the Krechziankan. "With all due respect, sir, I could not help but notice Krechzianko’s tendency to be aggressive against other nations in our region. It’s as if your policy is to act now, keep the peace later, simply if a nation’s government does something you don’t like.

“Personally, I say it’s none of your business what Dovakhan does, as long as it’s not directed towards your nation, or the nations that your government recognizes as ‘friends.’” With that, the Gnidrahn took his seat, and glanced at those around him.

Colonel Jonathan St. Claire enters the room and takes a seat. St. Claire hears the representative of Gnidrah comment on their distaste for the Krech tendancy for aggression against fellow East Pacifians. St. Claire can’t help but admire the Gnidrahian’s straight foreward approach to diplomacy. St. Claire put his brief case beside him and removed the cuff attaching it to him and attached it to the arm of his chair.

He addresses the assembly, “Comrades, good evening. I hope you are all in good health. I’m glad I was able to personally make it today to sit on the assembly.” He then directs himself toward the Secretary-General. “Secretary-General, the People’s Republic of Bolshikstan has long been a socialists country. Our people definately don’t find trust with Capitalist to be one of great ease, but we also are of the opinion that a country’s internal affairs are the sole concern of that country’s people. We therefore can not agree with your country’s current actions against Dovakhan’s current legitimate government. The strife in Dovakhan is something best left to its local inhabitants. Socialism through outside intervention has always historically failed. Are your people so blind that they would risk putting the Dovakhan people through the possible ensuing dilemma which could devast their population far worse than any type of Captialism has ever done. The Dovakhan people deserve better from their fellow East Pacifians. If this internal conflict in Dovakhan is to progress to the naturally occuring outcome we must not interfere in their sovereign affairs.”

It seems most of us agree that we should not interfere with Dovakhan’s affairs, as long as they don’t have a large negative impact on us…

The Xiopothan representative looked over at the Krechziankan with an askance glance before dismally beginning to speak as he stood up.

“Sir, I by no means intend to show any disrespect, but I must say that the recent actions taken by your nation are taking things too far. You must remember that Dovakhan is a sovreign nation, and that is that. As such, any military action by you and/or the nations of the NSU would officially be considered an offical declaratory act of war agaist Dovakhan. And yet, by contrast, you come here to the halls of the EPTO, a peace-keeping alliance, and advocate for others to do te exact opposite…? How hypocritical. Sir, if you do intend to keep the peace in this region, then how about being reasonable and -and I ask if you could please pardon my language, if you will, bu I feel that I must say this- lower that damn gun a change. Maybe things will turn out that this change in Dovakhan will benefit this region? Only God knows… But, if you wish for strife to come, then strife y9ou shall recieve.”

He sat back down.

“If I could just interject” said a tall plain looking man, in a long trenchcoat standing at the back of the room. “The nations of the People’s Pact have declared war against Capitalism, NOT the nation of Dovakhan. Despite our contrasting views of what is best for their nation, we will always fight for socialism, and protect the rights of the working class. Capitalism is greed, and a stain on civilized society that we will continue to crush.” The man stared coldly at the assorted capitalist parties in the room… “Oh yes, and Vladistock citizens in East Malaysia are currently held up in the embassy, and will be evacuated soon.”

The Secretary-General was about to respond to these comments when his cell phone rang. After a brief, serious-looking conversation, he stood up above the other representatives.

“East Malaysia has declared war on the sovereign nation of Krechzianko. This is a blatantly imperialistic attack on our country. All EPTO nations are required, as per the charter, to consider this an attack against themsekves. Whether you support Krechzianko’s actions or not, your nations must engage East Malaysia as though they were themselves attacked. I shall call a brief recess, so that the representatives may contact their leaders. As for the East Malaysian representative: you are now an Enemy of the People and will be dealt with in a moment.”

The East Malaysia deputy rep laughed for a second then got a serious look on his face, “We have not attacked your nation directly and we are helping Dov against your ways… East Malaysia strongly advises EPTO members to help East Malaysia or stay out of it. If Krechzianko and NSU allies hadnt starting attacking Dov and helping rebels then East Malaysia wouldnt be where we are right now…” With that the deputy rep stood up and left with the others.

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We have not attacked your nation directly

— End quote

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Today the Imperial Senate has ratified a Declaration of War and we will be moving to help Dovakhan

— End quote

The FPS aide looked up as the Krechziankan finished his statement about “dealing” with the East Malyasian representative. Standing, he nodded to the Krechziankan, stating that “I’ll get the FPS representative back in here,” before turning, and exiting the room. Once outside, he turned, and made his way to the end of the hallway (by the bathrooms), where nobody was standing.

Pulling out his phone, he first dialed the FPS representative, informing him of the development, and advising him to return. He then dialed a second number…debatably, a more important one.

“911 Emergency.”

“Yes, this is Diplomatic Aide Rodney Halverson, Identification Code 3871 Alpha Tango 99. Please connect me to Vice.”

“One moment, please.”

Rodney waited until the line clicked, and an older man came on. “Luitenant Munn, Vice.”

“Luitenant, my name is Rodney Halverson, and I’m a diplomatic aide at the EPTO building. I think I just heard the Krechziankan Delegate threat the East Malyasian delegate with bodily harm, just before the East Malyasian delegate and his team left.” Rodney spoke quickly, his heart racing.

On the other end of the line, the luitenant swore. “Alright. We’ll get on it now. Thank you very much.” The line went dead, and Rodney took a breath. He’d done his job.

Several blocks away, at the Liberty City Police HeadQuarters, a number of unmarked cars carrying Vice Squad members sped out of the parking lot towards the EPTO building. The mission of those inside the vehicles was to get to the building before the East Malyasians left, and then follow them and act in their protection in the case of any incident (once they left the building).

They just hoped they’d get there in time.

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“I hereby close this discussion, at least for the moment. We shall resume with a new meeting in a short while.”