Amendment to EPSA Act

Pursuant to Article B, Section 5 of the Concordat:

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The Magisterium shall pass laws by majority vote. [2013 Am 1, §3]

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It was discussed, moved and seconded in thread that the following amendment be made to Section Two of The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army Act:

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Section 2: General

The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA), as this army is to be named, is permitted to mobilize execute defensive and/or offensive operations under when at least one of the following conditions applies:

Condition I: The operation can be justified on reasonable grounds , sanctioned by the Delegate, safeguards and strenghtens The East Pacific’s interests abroad and is not in breach of any legal obligations or treaties.

Condition II: It is mobilizing to secure the position of the Delegate or a designated second-in-command in The East Pacific or an allied region.

Condition III: The region in which the EPSA is mobilizing is occupied by or is being entered by a force with which The East Pacific is at war.

Condition IV: Those in control of the region in which the EPSA is mobilizing have permitted the EPSA to mobilize within their region.

Condition V: The region in which the EPSA is mobilizing is a warzone.

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Vote AYE or FOR, if you are in favor of the Amendment to Section Two of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army Act, NAY or AGAINST, if you’re against, ABSTAIN or PRESENT, if you feel that you can’t reach a decision in good conscience.

You must state your World Assembly (WA) nation at the time of your vote with the following two exceptions:

(1) If you do not have a WA nation, then you must make a statement to that effect.

(2) If your WA nation is on assignment with the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army, then you must make a statement to that effect.

This vote will close on August 24th, 2015 at 11 PM CST.[edit_reason]formatting issue[/edit_reason]


TEP: PrussianEmpire

TEP: Ridersyl | WA: EPSA | votes AYE.



A Slanted Black Stripe (TEP/WA) votes aye.

Raven votes Aye.
TEP: Circle of Magi
WA: Lord Ravenclaw

TEP: The Other Otter | WA: OK | Aye


TEP: Aenglaland / WA: EPSA

Estavokia (TEP/WA) Aye.

Abstain / Present

TEP: Raegarth the Conqueror
WA: Elegarth

McStooley (TEP/WA) Aye

TEP: Tano
The voting period has now ended.

AYE: 8
NAY: 0
PRESENT: 2 (Tano, Elegarthl)
NOT VOTING: 3 (McStooley (vote was cast beyond closing time of vote: does not count), Severisen, Shadoke)

8 votes (100%) are in favor. 10 of the 13 (77%) eligible members are present. Pursuant to provision 5.2 of the Standing Orders of the Magisterial Assembly, quorum (1/2) was met.

The Amendment to the EPSA Act has passed.