AMOM: Possibly heading over...

Hello there, TEP.

Chya, so I lodged a message like this in the TNP forums earlier then realized that TNP was just about as inactive with their forums as my region is with theirs, so I doubt that’s where I’m headed in the future.

Actually, TEP has always been my favorite feeder (and it’s got Todd!), so I may wind up heading over here eventually. Plus, from the looks of things, the forum activity is incredible, which is a massive plus.

"As I myself am a regionbuilder and a NS politician, I’ve always been interested in (yet a bit intimidated by) feeder region politics.

However, depending on the response of my region to my request to send either this nation or a WA puppet to a feeder, I might be heading over to TEP or TNP at some point in the near future to participate in the workings of the region. Hopefully my abilities could be better used somewhere where people could be active enough to be benefited by them.

This was the message I left my regionmates in

— Begin quote from ____

Alright, I’ve got something to say.

I love this region. I’ve spent tons of time building it up and building its forums. I recruited, posted around little update things, tried to find activities to make you all active and interested in what the region, world, and WA was doing.

However, the activity of the region’s forums/government and its WA activity are currently completely stalled, and has been this way for months.

The delegate election this May will probably result in either Sanctaria or TCO as WA delegate of the region. Aven has spoken to me about his inactivity and understands that he is currently incapable of being the delegate he would like to be. Who knows if a more active WA delegate will increase activity or not.

I like to talk with you guys here in the RMB. You’re all great people and I’m not trying to rib you for being inactive. However I’m on here quite often, and find myself rather dismayed by the total lack of interest the members of my region take in the activities of Corporate.

Therefore, I’d prefer to take my WA and governing activity elsewhere, where I can enjoy it more and feel like I’m actually benefiting people by being active with it and not just wasting my time. I would like to move either this nation or a WA puppet to a feeder region and partake in the government and WA activities there.

I would still manage the forums here, keep the region secure via my administrative ability as founder, and talk in the RMB. Essentially, nothing would change except for the region having one less WA member.

However, as I have witnessed the chaos that can result from doing this without warning and without the consideration of one’s regionmates, I have decided it is best to bring it all to you first. If you’re all fine with me moving my WA influence to a feeder region and will allow me to do so, thank you. If so much as one person protests, I will consider their grievance very seriously.

I suppose that, according to the region’s constitution, this would eliminate my position as Ambassador. However, I don’t know what good that has been doing anyone recently anyway. No one here seems interested in foreign affairs.

Feeder regions:

I figure I’d either get involved in The North Pacific or The East Pacific.

Please respond here, and feel free to ask questions.

— End quote


*Dyr Nasad waves

Really? A Mean Old Man, coming here?? I am a relative newcomer to TEP since my region died off, but I have been a fan of your work in the WA for quite some time. I realize that as a lowly new citizen my voice does not count for much, however I would be thrilled if you chose to come spend some time here. And yeah, Todd is great. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.
Chancellor Shaw of Moafin.

Good to see you around here, sir! I hope we’re that fit for you here, as you are an active, intelligent, and innovative player that has much to offer any region you join. I’m glad you’ve made it here! Welcome!

Aww, shucks. Thanks guys.

I’m trying one last radical attempt to fix the incredible political problems in my region before I’m making the final decision to scoot. I’ve built it up for months and put incredible amounts of effort into its government, the comfort of the residents, and the regional organization; I’d rather not duck out of it unceremoniously without making a serious attempt to solve its problems first.

If my last massive attempt to get Corporate back on track should fail… hello, TEP.