Anime Girl
As blue and crazy as it gets :slight_smile:

Hmm, I will look and see what I can find, if you find a image first post it here and I will be happy to fix it.

here ya go, Candy candy GET!!11

i love it loop, thanks :wink:

say, do you want to make flags for my other puppets too?

but gotta warn ya, i do have quite a few puppets :wink:

(still can’t believe you were able to find something about candy candy)

I found them because
I.M.Weasle !

oops that shoud be,

sure just let me know all their names, and themes and I can do it, I will need a brief description of what you want too.

well, i was thinking bout a new flag for my nation crazygirl (the one without a space)

i just don’t know what i want for it yet…

well jsut tell me when you get an idea.


— Begin quote from ____

flags for my other puppets too? i do have quite a few puppets :wink:

— End quote

Puppets? I am guessing these are nations controlled by one. I thought this was not allowed?

you can have as many nations as you wnat so long as only one is in the UN.

yep, i have now exactly 150 nations, but only one of them is in the un :wink:

mmm, bout that flag…
still not entirely sure, something crazy, something blue…

yeah, but the thing is…
i don’t really like cars :wink:

Hey CG, how about I make this flag for you, the girl looks pretty crazy
heck tha tpsycho look in her eyes is why I downloaded it,

Cool, I will get on it.

done, Hows this??

mmm, loop, can you make me one, with a girl who makes a V for Victory sign (you know what i mean, right?) and maybe a wink? :wink:

pretty please?

mm, well, i found 2 pictures, but i’ll look for some more…

or this???

and Finally this?

thanks loop, you’re the best :wink: