Announcing NPPA

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Today’s mini-purge comes as an end, but indeed it is only the beginning to bigger and greater things. Effective immediately the previous Imperial government is hereby abolished. Replacing it is the North Pacific Provisional Authority.

The North Pacific Provisional Authority is tasked with implementing Project Purge upon the region. Under Project Purge every new nation born within the North Pacific will be summarily ejected and allowed to return only upon registration on the NPPA forums. The NPPA will squeeze every last drop of activity from this region’s hands. In addition, an entirely new government replaces the old lethargic oligarchic state; governance now falls under the purview of the Vanguard Cabinet and People’s Assembly. All your base are belong to us.

Assisting me with governance of the region will be the following aforementioned Vanguard Cabinet:

Director of Security – Zennification
Director of World Assembly Affairs – Monkberry
Director of Justice – Lin Biao
Speaker of the People’s Assembly – Ki-Sang Dun

Our new forums may be found here:

The revolution begins now.

-Chairman Durkadurkiranistan II

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~TNP Director of Foreign Affairs, Kalibarr