Anti-Cyberterrorism Act

Anti-Cyberterrorism Act

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: American Capitalist

Description: The World Assembly,

OBSERVING that a single person, known as a cyberterrorist, can potentially cause strife and havoc to the world of information technology, with relatively little funds, equipment or experience;

FURTHER OBSERVING that most cyberterrorists act and plan either individually or in groups on the internet;

BELIEVING that it is crucial to warn member states on potential cyberterror threats that may be directed at them from radical or violent groups or individuals, so they can take action to defend themselves from such attacks;

FURTHER BELIEVING that member states should also respect, as best as possible, civil liberties and the individual right to privacy when tackling cyberterrorism;


DEFINES for the purpose of this resolution:
• Information technology, as the development, implementation, and maintenance of computing devices and software systems to organize and communicate information electronically;
• Cyberterrorism: as any premeditated, politically or ideologically motivated attack, or threat thereof, through the use of information technology, against information or telecommunication networks, computer systems, computer programs, and data, which results in significant disruption, distress or losses of physical, economic, or infrastructural nature to targets, by sub-national groups or agents;
• Internet Service Provider(ISP): as any person or entity that operates or resells and controls any facility used to provide Internet access directly to the public;

DECLARES that conspiring, planning, carrying out, funding or aiding acts of cyberterrorism shall be outlawed in all member states, and that member states will commit to prosecute violators to the fullest extent possible in their jurisdiction;

FORBIDS member states from conspiring, planning, carrying out, funding or aiding acts of cyberterrorism, and requires member states who carry out such activities to cease and desist immediately;

REQUIRES member states and ISPs to do as much as possible within their jurisdiction to prevent and combat cyberterrorism at home and abroad, with respect given to civil liberties and the individual right to privacy under applicable national and international laws;

URGES member states to share information with each other on individuals and organizations who are suspected or known to have a history of cyberterrorism to combat the spread of cyberterrorist activities on to the international level, while respecting applicable national and international laws regarding privacy;

FURTHER URGES member states to coordinate counter-cyberterrorism activities against such cyberterrorist groups;

REQUIRES member states to freeze the assets of cyberterrorist individuals or organizations which may be used to support international cyberterrorist acts - including but not limited to: funds, computers or storage devices;

CALLS FOR member states to shut down ISPs that knowingly hosts and allows cyberterrorist activities to originate from their servers;

RECOMMENDS member states to ban or restrict convicted individual cyberterrorists from computer activity;

FURTHER RECOMMENDS member states to raise awareness about cyberterrorism and educate the general populace about protecting themselves from such attacks.

Co-Authored by Charlotte Ryberg

I´m for just because those hippies at WA put to vote something that help military for a change :lol:

IC vote, ok.

NationStates • View topic - [Passed] Anti Cyberterrorism Act is the GA forum thread over this.

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I´m for just because those hippies at WA put to vote something that help military for a change :lol:

IC vote, ok.

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I voted FOR.

"Anti-Cyberterrorism Act " was passed 3,330 votes to 2,955.