Anti-Nazi Summit Begins, GCRs United

Anti-Nazi Summit Begins, GCRS United

Delegates meet in the Hall of Diplomacy

24 January, 2013

Hall of Diplomacy, The Pacific. Dignitaries from all nine Feeder/Sinker regions gathered in The Pacific for day one of the Anti-Nazi Summit. GCRs have historically been at odds with each other, so the summit, convened to address rising Nazi hostility, marks a milestone in Feeder/Sinker relations.

PNN has obtained a first draft of the statement which will be discussed by the delegates and their representatives.

— Begin quote from ____

In cognizance of the fact that the object of the National Socialist (known also as ‘Nazi’) ideology is the disintegration of, and the commission of violence against, existing States by the exercise of all means at its command,

Considering that the Nazi ideology continues constantly to imperil the civilized world in the Game-Created Regions and User-Created Regions, disturbing and destroying peace and order,

Believing that the toleration of interference by Nazis in the internal affairs of regions not only endangers their internal peace and social welfare, but threatens the general peace of the world,

Realizing that only close collaboration looking to the maintenance of peace and order can limit and remove that peril,

We, the signatories of this document, declare our solidarity against Nazism with all free regions haunted by the spectre of National Socialism.

— End quote

Foreign Affairs Attache of the NPO Dalimbar was optimistic about the progress.

“I hope that this Summit can bring about good-will between the GCRs, which traditionally have been a very divided group of regions, at times at war against one another in various combinations.

Frankly, this Summit is a gathering of feeders and sinkers to declare forever that we all are against Nazism and their actions, and that we will stand in solidarity against them.”

PNN is covering the summit and will provide up to the minute news.

Written by New Kervoskia
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