I just wanted to apologize for a recruiting error made late last night, when I was more sleepy than attentive. I accidentally sent a number of recruiting telegrams to the nations that have been in the East Pacific the longest.

I use the “list nations” feature to sort the nations from youngest to oldest, in terms of how long they’ve been in the region, to avoid just this. Unfortunately, the page didn’t load when I clicked the end page and I ended up recruiting from the wrong end of the list for a few nations before I realized my error. I haven’t received any backlash telegrams yet, but I just wanted it clear that this is not my normal recruiting practice. I seldom cut in much passed the 100 million age bracket from the other end of the listing, on any Pacific region.

It’s good to see that someone finally achieved their life goal of finding a decent hippo emoticon… https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.587-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
Something you might want to know. The Show All function for emoticons isn’t working properly. The pics of the emoticons aren’t accessible. Normally there would be a slide option to move the screen, when large emoticons are included, but it’s not there.

It’s no problem. These things happen.

I suppose one could do a lot worse for life goals… https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.9788-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Kandarin? I see you’re a Admin for the East Pacific forum and yet I am confused. I was expecting Infinite Loop… https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.587-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
It’s like the great feeder region conspiracy made manifest! :lol: I hope everything’s going well in the RR and you’re always welcome to pop into the Wysterian forum. You know, if you’re feeling that NS hasn’t robbed you of quite enough of your time already. :wink: