Atiland Times

Atiland Declaration of War on UK

This is another day of solemn decision in Atiland history and of memorable events destined to give a new course to the history of continents. The powers of the steel pact, Atiland and the cartels, ever closely linked, participate from today on the side of heroic Militants against the United Kingdom. One man, one man only, a real tyrannical democrat, through a series of infinite provocations, betraying with a supreme fraud the population of his country, wanted the war and had prepared for it day by day with diabolical obstinacy. I say to you, and you will understand, that it is a privilege to fight with them. Today, the Pact, with the plenitude of its forces and its moral and material resources, is a formidable instrument for the war and a certainty for victory. Tomorrow, the Pact will become an instrument of just peace between the peoples. Atlandians! Once more arise and be worthy of this historical hour! We shall win. We will kill every staynish soul on our islands! No more shall we be under the watch of Lambertus or Naomi we shall be FREE!!!

Stricken Kuthern oil tanker continues to explode

Efforts to extinguish a fire and rescue survivors on a stricken oil tanker have been hampered because the vessel keeps exploding. The Kuthern tanker, Shrino, has been ablaze since it collided with Atiland registered Naval ship on Saturday night, 185 miles off Little China City coast near West Atiland. Shrino was carrying almost two million barrels of highly flammable crude oil to West atiland with 32 crew members on board - 30 Kutherns and two Staynish. All are missing, but the body of a mariner suspected to be from the ship was recovered on Monday.