Atlantica 2 is an island continent with tropical climate and Emerald Ocean teeming with sea life. Various stunning geographical features such as our water falls, beaches, and caves, mountains & valleys.

Every type of government is welcomed into Atlantica 2 and each is treated with the utmost respect. Our region is brand new, it was <font color=“red”>founded on November 15th so your voice will be heard since are working on polices and looking for nations who want to be active, we are seeking people for government positions.

Atlantica 2 wants to be a positive force on the Nation States world stage and we hope to be writing our constitution soon. We are looking for people to serve as: Recruiters, Diplomats, and Members of Government. We are trying to startup a Military & an Intel Dept. so that we can help the defender cause

Our off-site Board/Forums are located @
be part of a beginning of something new and positive

Since we wish to get into defending we ask that you please join the UN if you are not an UN member as UN membership is necessary for a Military.

Carpe Diem</font>

Population = 17

We are looking for people who want to be active in goverment

Population 29

Good to see the growth.

— Begin quote from ____

Good to see the growth.

— End quote


Pop =28

Have to get back to Advertising this week