Hello, I apologise but the Citizenship mask will be temporarily unavailable, you may still ratify the charter but since the Empire insists on violating the truce of the Summit forum I cannot grant citizen ship mask to new members as per norm, new Citivens will still be able to vote and PM and Edit but not see Facepalm, again I apologise from the bottom of my almost entirely candy heart and ask that you understand.

Quite a few times I have heard about facepalm, but most people seem to talk about it as if it was a seperate forum.

I vaguely remember when I first came here there was a thread, or an area called Facepalm that I now cannot see.

So what is facepalm? Just curious.

it is the place I had to make for teh region members to be able to speak privately about the current crisis situation, it was wisible but I had to hide it because the empire guys were going ape owver it, I hoted doing so as the only hidden forim here is the Mod Chamber, when we have peace or victory, I will revisibel it and make it a museum.

Close lol, I was actually thinking of the B&W one of teh guy from the 50s

The Facepalm.jpg Museum

— Begin quote from ____

- YouTube

— End quote