Warm greetings from the Republic of Pansevicius!

I’m sixteen years old lad from ye Finnish midlands. I’ve played NationStates and games alike before, but my last nation here was about year ago. But here I’m again, I’ve never been in East Pacific before and I heard this is quite nice RP region so I headed off here then, to come and check how is the dwelling going on here.
Heck, I didn’t know this place existed before today, I had always thought there’s just the Pacific and the North and the South…

I’m history and politics geek, I listen progressive rock music, older rock music and classical stuff. I also love biking, hard winters and reading.

So, hi everybody, so far this has seemed like a pleasent little place and I wouldn’t be surprised if my visit gets long one.

Welcome. I trust you’ll fit right in, here in the East Pacific. Make yourself at home and stay a while (…a long while). :wink:

Yes you should fit right in here wecause we are all insane, and not just in the membrane.

Welcome to The East Pacific! :slight_smile:

Your assimilation has been scheduled. It may take awhile though. Please take a number for faster service.