Ban Profits on Workers' Deaths

The World Assembly:

AWARE that in countries that allow international corporations, most of the time these corporations act as a force for good, providing employment and economic strength to the communities in which they operate;

FURTHER AWARE that, in order to maximize profits, international corporations may lawfully distribute their corporate subdivisions among many different countries to benefit from a multitude of variations on national subsidies, lower taxes, reduced bureaucratic overload, and so on;

APPALLED that some corporations and other employers can and sometimes do secretly buy life-insurance policies in their employees’ names, designating the corporations themselves as beneficiaries, thus demonstrating to be more interested in their employees’ deaths as a source of revenue than in their actual well-being;

DEPLORING such a practice;

DETERMINED to end it once and for all;


  1. Defines, for the purpose of this resolution, “Dead peasant policy” as when an employer secretly buys a life-insurance policy in an employee’s name, designating the employer itself as a beneficiary, collecting or expecting to collect benefits after the death of said employee.

  2. The employee’s free, fully informed, uncoerced consent shall be required for the validity of any life-insurance wherein her/his employer is a beneficiary. Other beneficiaries of the employee’s own free choosing shall receive at least half the benefits of any life-insurance policy, present or former, in which the employer is or was a beneficiary.

  3. To fire, burden, harass, penalize or pressure any employee for not listing her/his employer as a beneficiary of a life-insurance policy is forbidden.

  4. Any employees, present or former, targeted by dead peasant policies have the right to have any and all personal documentation pertaining to participation in said policies fully disclosed and may seek and obtain the immediate annulment of such policies without let or hindrance; if an employee is deceased, that employee’s heirs, if any, shall have the aforementioned right in lieu of said employee.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Ban Profits on Workers’ Deaths was passed 9,205 votes to 2,260.