Biological Warfare Act

Biological Warfare Act
A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Dizyntk

Description: The World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that biological warfare agents often have limited effects against military units and that they are usually too slow acting to be a viable battlefield weapon, therefore their most likely targets are civilian populations,

CONCERNED over the fact that it is possible that biological warfare agents may spread far beyond the area they were meant to affect and pose a threat to international health,

DEFINING biological warfare agents, for the purpose of this resolution, as a bacterium, virus, fungus or biological toxin meant to be deployed intentionally against, and used to kill or incapacitate, members of any sapient species.

The World Assembly hereby,

PROHIBITS the production and further stockpiling of all biological warfare agents and their attendant delivery systems by WA member nations,

FURTHER PROHIBITS any WA member nation from using any biological warfare agent against any other nation or against the inhabitants of their own nation,

REQUIRES all WA member nations that currently have biological warfare agent stockpiles to destroy said stockpiles as quickly as safety allows,

CREATES the Biological Warfare Agent Disposal Commision(BWADC) as part of the World Health Authority,

REQUIRES the BWADC to verify the destruction of biological warfare agent stockpiles and the closing of all construction facilities for said agents and their attendant delivery systems,

FURTHER REQUIRES the BWADC to retain small samples of all agents on behalf of member nations that said nations shall have unfettered access to in order to develop vaccines and antidotes.

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“Biological Warfare Act” was defeated 7,856 votes to 4,110.