Chemical Weapons Convention

An act to reduce global Chemical Weapons stockpiles.

ACKNOWLEDGING that nations possess Chemical Weapons,

FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING the fact that some nations use Chemical Weapons in warfare,

APPALLED that some non-member nations use Chemical Weapons as a means to terrorize and coerce nations,

REALIZING that the Member Nations need to be able respond to such attacks with reciprocal force,

DEFINES Chemical Weapons as:

  1. Munitions and devices, specifically designed to cause death or other harm through the toxic properties of those toxic chemicals which would be released as a result of the
    employment of such munitions and devices,

  2. Any equipment specifically designed for use directly in connection with the employment of those munitions and devices,

  3. Any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, or permanent harm to humans or animals, and or sentient plant life when connected to a delivery system, capable of delivering those chemicals either tactically or strategically.

  4. EXEMPTS the following agents from being declared Chemical Weapons under the CHEMICAL WEAPONS CONVENTION:

A. Tear agents (Tear gas, Capsaicin, Mace)

B. Vomiting agents

C. While being used by legitimate Law Enforcement and or/Military agencies of a nation as Riot Control Agents within the confines of their own nations.

DECLARES that nations:

  1. Be allowed to possess chemical weapons for deterrence purposes only,

  2. Be permitted to only use chemical weapons if attacked by another nation that uses chemical weapons against such nation,

  3. Define and abide by a no-first use policy in regards to Chemical Weapons,

  4. SET HARD CAPS on chemical weapons of no more than 5000 Chemical Weapons munitions active at any time, connected to a delivery system capable of delivering such weapons, OR 2% of a nations Gross Domestic Product MAXIMUM spent on developing and maintaining Chemical Weapons munitions.


  1. To Collect and analyse annual statements from nations on locations, numbers, types and production/testing facilities for Chemical Weapons,

  2. To File annual statements with the World Assembly on locations, numbers, types and production/testing facilities for Chemical Weapons,

  3. Gather and share intelligence on locations, numbers, types and production/testing facilities for Chemical Weapons within nations that possess Chemical Weapons,

  4. Promote global disarmament of Chemical Weapons,

  5. Work with nations to prevent proliferation of Chemical Weapons,

  6. Work with nations to promote and develop defences to Chemical Weapons,

  7. Provide medical, and humanitarian assistance to ANY NATIONS subject to Chemical Weapon attacks,

REQUIRES that nations choosing to possess Chemical Weapons secure such weapons against theft and accidental release.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Chemical Weapons Convention

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Chemical Weapons Convention” was defeated 8,358 votes to 3,816.