[CN]CyberNations Information Thread

We need more information but to start with, we need to be on Red Team I think.

also post your nation name and aproxomate location.

Infinite Loop, Im on the northern island of Japan,

Nation Name: Gnidrah
Approximate Location: Look to Ycraes, Gnidrah, on the East Pacific’s map.

Nation: Kurogasa.

Location: I’m in the main island of Japan.


Name: Kerguelen
Location: The French Southern and Antarctic Lands in the south Indian Ocean.

Name: Farland
Location: In the center of the mainland in the Shetland isles, north of Scotland, UK.

Name: Ballastarre
Location: Sicily. It’s the only nation on the dang island! Not too hard to find… I think… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nation Name: Faramount
Nation Leader: Penter
National Government: Democratic (Although the people want that changed)
National Religion: None (Although the people want that changed)
Tax Rate: 10% (Lowered from 18%)
Nation Location: On the largest island that comprises FPS in the EP
National Resources: Water and Wood
National Rating: Third World