[CN]In game intel gathering

if you find out something interesting about the game, please post it here,

I do believe that we need to create out own subgroup within the game,
so if you think of a good theme, and or name, post it here as well.

I fear that they happy peace of Cybernations may well be destroyed forever.
Pope Hope has joined the game and created a new version of her invader group
which she calls the Orange Defense Network.

Even though we all agreed to keep the old hatreds and rivalries out of the game
she has sought to break that truce and bring them back to feed her own ego.

Great…just great…what we don’t need…:swet:

I am preparing to utterly crush her.

lol, I chose peaceful so I cannot make war, however aparently she plans to use several nations to war with folks there are already two owned by her.

I dont see myself taking more of a daily log in and check my naiton thing there,
that and other issues considered (there is that offer to put the game link on a lj or forum and I did so here but never revieces so mmuch as a thank you or the promised bonus for doing so)