Coalition of Nations


This thread leads to the ratification thread for the Coalition of Nations.

The Coalition of Nations is meant to be a United Nations for Urth, and is specifically precluded from economic and military policy to preserve YOUR NATION’S sovereignty!

Affiliate organizations are optional, and you have no duties to follow these organizations. Should you choose to sign on to the benefits of VICTOR (a NATO-like organization) or VISTA (a WTO-like organization), then you can take part and are bound by their decisions! Otherwise you have no duty to comply!

The Coalition will be used to create and mediate international law, and serve as a forum for any conflicts. The Coalition is NOT a military organization, only a multilateral forum for international law and practices. It will serve as a feature of International politics, without constraining the sovereignty or control over your nation.

Protection of sovereignty is a primary goal of the Coalition, as well as international cooperation.

To Ratify membership to the Coalition, simply post a signature!

To request membership to VICTOR or VISTA, simply add a quick application to your signature post and it will be evaluated!

VICTOR is led mainly by BGP

VISTA is led mainly by Aelitia

In the context of the Coalition, these are organizations which mirror NATO and the WTO. They are VERY different organizations, and both have VERY different requirements of the members, due to their different natures.

VICTOR will be run by an “Executive” consisting of a military representative from each member. This will be run as a military organization as set out in the Articles.

VISTA will be run as akin to a company, with members having a proportion of “Voting Shares” in periodic Ministerial Conferences which will set policies and policy-outlooks. Shares will be divided simply and fairly.