Coming back after a long time

This isn’t quite a new nation introduction, more of a reintroduction.

I’m Bakostrovia and I’ve been active on the forum a few years ago. My nation is a socialist one and it contributed to roleplays, which is why I may have gotten historical status!

Now I’d like to jump back into the fun of TEP

sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Welcome back, I am Allegheny and I joined about a little over a year ago, hope to see you in RP soon!

Claim a spot on the map and join in the roleplay! Welcome back, by the way!

Welcome back, bak!

Woooooooot! Seems that college is already having positive effects on you, guy… :wink:

Welcomewelcomewelcome back! :lol:

SOMEONE! Chocolate for an old friend here!