Commend 00000 A World Power

The Security Council,
RECOGNIZING the region of 00000 A World Power for stunning long-term contributions to international peace and stability,
AWARE that 00000 A World Power chose early on to utilize its influence as one of the largest regions in the world, notably from 2008 to 2010, in directing its military efforts towards “Peace Through Defense”, it’s regional motto,
HAILING that the Regional Defense Force (RDF) was one of the most active militaries in the world and deployed nearly 600 times to aid natives from the detrimental effects of raider activity,
PRAISING 00000 A World Power for its iconic feats in intelligence gathering and the professionalism in conducting consequential intelligence operations which have fundamentally shaped the international community, including:

  • Working tirelessly behind the scenes to help regions manage their own borders, offering unconditional support to regions of all kinds including through intelligence sharing arrangements and direct lines of communication with feeder delegates,
  • Establishing and co-ordinating international support for the native resistance in The North Pacific during the rogue delegacy of
    Lewis and Clark,
  • Creating a joint-intelligence centre where the Intelligence Council of 00000 A World Power supported the long-term stability of the three-year delegacy of Moo-cows with guns in The Pacific through their expertise in monitoring international threats,
  • The infiltration of DEN, The Brotherhood of Blood, The Black Hawks, The Black Riders, The Last Kingdom and Unknown among others, where intelligence agents substantially undermined organizational operations overwhelmingly to the benefit of the international community,
    IMPRESSED that on September 15, 2009, 00000 A World Power became one of the only regions in history to simultaneously hold Warzone Sandbox, Warzone Asia, Warzone Europe, Warzone Airspace, Warzone Australia and Warzone Africa, as part of an agreement to stabilize regional governments from external aggression and without any outside military assistance or support,
    RECALLING that 00000 A World Power was one of the most prominent contributors to the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA), an inter-regional defense conglomerate, where they eventually operated much of the organizations intelligence capabilities,
    COGNIZANT that 00000 A World Power was awarded the title of “Best Newcomer” at the Defender Awards of 2008 and one of only two regions to be awarded the Eagles Disobey Award as a result of efforts to go above and beyond in keeping free regions free, as well as raising residents that have gone on to win international recognitions from the defender community on numerous occasions,
    PLEASED that the region of 00000 A World Power has collectively been known for its cordial and well-natured approach to diplomacy with friends and foes alike - often drawing in a wider a circle of regions to honorable causes,
    SEEKING to commemorate the goodwill of 00000 A World Power as a beacon to future regions and their governments,
    HEREBY commends 00000 A World Power.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

The Security Council resolution “Commend 00000 A World Power” was defeated 12,071 votes to 2,400.