Commend Almonaster Nuevo

The Security Council,
ADMIRING the flags Almonaster Nuevo’s artists and government officials have crafted for foreign nations, producing more than 1800 flags over the course of 5+ years, and the consistent and high-quality commissions that Almonaster Nuevo’s artists and government leaders have given for so long,
RESPECTING the commitment Almonaster Nuevo has continually shown to lending a helping hand to other nations, through the nation’s long-lasting dedication to providing an incredibly valuable and difficult to locate service with no reward, only to help their fellow nations, performing selfless acts time and time again over the course of years,
UNDERSTANDING that flags are a key component of any nation, which take an incredible amount of talent and knowledge to create, and that only a select few nations have artists who possess such abilities, and that among those nations, still fewer are willing to let their skills be given freely to the world,
AWED by the other graphic work Almonaster Nuevo’s designers have produced for multitudes of nations and regions, regularly creating seals and other iconography, even producing official government seals and other art for 10000 Islands,
INSPIRED by the artists and government officials of Almonaster Nuevo indiscriminate willingness to create works of art for all other nations, and to treat all nations with respect, kindness, and generosity,
COMMEMORATING Almonaster Nuevo’s service as a three-time NationStates World Fairs committee member, where they:

  • Acted as an incredibly active moderator for the discussion during the 5th world fair, consistently and quickly responding to moderation requests,

  • Conducted an insightful interview on the NationStates bank, a tool used to allow for economic tracking and banking, which was open to anyone who registered,

  • Provided help in essential areas of the fair, such as setting up many regional booths, as well as giving technical assistance for the forums,

IMPRESSED by their service and work in region building for Canada, in which they have served as World Assembly Delegate and almost all other elected roles, first taking political office in 2007, as well as being an incredibly active and committed ambassador to multiple major regions,
HEREBY COMMENDS Almonaster Nuevo.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Commend Destructive Government Economic System

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Commend Almonaster Nuevo was passed 21,925 votes to 2,358.