Commend Ambrella

The Security Council,
Recognizing Ambrella as a nation vital to the development of Europeia after moving there from Caprecia more than a decade ago, as a long-standing head of government, a renowned journalist, a cultural organiser, and a successful legislator;
Thoroughly impressed that Ambrella served as head of government an impressive cumulative total of 437 days, and in the cabinet a total of 806 days, all the while maintaining their reputation as an amusing, out-of-the-box, and sometimes quirky nation;
Having noticed the deep imprints Ambrella has made to Europeia during their service by:

  • innovatively restructuring the Foreign Affairs ministry to streamline tasks and delegate duties among trusted citizens by introducing deputy ministers - a position that has existed ever since;

  • reviving the inactive region and spearheading its war against the corrosive ideology of Francoism during its presidency in 2018, culminating in the ideology being abandoned by The Pacific; and

  • guiding the region through the much-discussed and vitally necessary reunification of the Europeian executive (which was previously headed by two joint leaders) as President in 2020;

Appreciating Ambrella’s cultural prowess, as exemplified by their orchestration of Europeia’s eighth-anniversary celebration to boost regional morale and the interregional cultural festival EurOlympics 2020 to celebrate the executive re-merge, alongside their co-hosting of the successful Festival of Friendship to unify the North Pacific, the East Pacific, and the West Pacific in the face of the 2018-19 war against the Pacific;
Lauding Ambrella’s consummate work in benefit of Europeia’s written and audio journalism, which was cited as commendable by SC#234 “Commend Europeia”, exemplified by:

  • The creation of Europeia’s Ministry of Media (now Ministry of Communications), which has grown to become a core facet of Europeian culture and has released hundreds of articles covering the most relevant Europeian and global happenings;

  • The hosting of the popular radio show “Power Players Draft”, where a panel predicts which Europeians will be the most influential in the next few months;

  • The development of the Ministry of Radio through innovation - Ambrella started the tradition of informing listeners about future radio shows on a centralised forum and pioneered hosting shows through a video live streaming service; and

  • The mentoring of future Radio leaders like Poulton-with-Fearnhead;

Noting that Ambrella’s media success extends to private media, as Ambrella has:

  • Served as the head of four private newspapers (the Europeian Regional News, The Europeian Leader-Ledger, NewView News Network, and The North Poll), in which they single-handedly wrote more than 50 articles ranging from satire to polling to op-eds and thereby diversified Europeia’s media;

  • Served as assistant editor of Europeia’s oldest private newspaper (the Europeian News Network [ENN]), where they authored and edited sharp and witty political articles - the ENN was named Private Media of the Year 3 years in a row;

  • Founded the Organisation of Independent Media, which produces regular reviews of private media articles and hosts an annual “Europeian of the Year” award;

Intrigued by the Europeian political analysis provided through Ambrellan journalism, including multi-angle analyses of elections, resignations, and foreign happenings and surveys on government approval, which have kept the citizens of Europeia engaged and informed;
Confident in Ambrella’s legislative capabilities, as the nation has contributed integral legislative changes to Europeia, including granting the government necessary powers for regional emergencies, defining punishments for various crimes, and modernising language in laws to make it gender-neutral;
Taking into consideration Ambrella’s notable contributions to the region of Caprecia, where Ambrella:

  • authored Caprecia’s Constitution, which ensured proper functioning of the region; and

  • was elected Prime Minister in August 2008, served a total of three consecutive terms in that position, and led Caprecia into its golden age when it was recognised as a region with incredibly rich lore, culture, and an abundance of written media;

Viewing Ambrella as one of the key leaders of Europeia and other regions over many years, a unique and competent developer of NationStates media, and a nation worth closely emulating;
Hereby commends Ambrella.

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